This World is Corrupt: Saki

Hanamura-san, let's go to the nationals!What are perverted manchildren around the blogosphere saying about a cartoon? Why on earth would you want to know? I can’t help you with that second question, but here’s a bit about the first. (Also the site’s ‘About’ section has been updated with a brief introduction to my writing, if you have an opinion on anime, good or bad, you owe it to yourself to read it)

This was a HILARIOUS episode!! Hehehe Saki x Nodoka has a nap!! But the key star to this episode is HISA!! All this time, we’ve NEVER seen her play and here she proves that there’s no other person more suited to be the President of the Mahjong Club!! HANDS DOWN TO HER!!

She completely kicks ass! It’s quite amusing really – they make her look like she has SUPER POWERS!!!! hahaha Shocking even last year’s winner!!! They’re LAST!! hehehe I CRACKED up here!!!! ^__________^

Koromo is also SUPER cute!!! So far she does not seem scary at all!! I really wonder what she will be like when she plays?!! She seems to be just so sweet and innocent!! I feel like just cuddling her when I see her!!! hehehe MUAAHAHAHAHA!! I’m so happy that we have SOOOOO many more episodes waiting for us!!!

Honestly this doesn’t square with my general theory of anime at all, my basic assumption is that people watch anime because on some way they understand it is awful and derive some twisted enjoyment from wallowing in it. Whereas this person seems stupid enough to enjoy it at face value. More power to them I suppose.

Just about every component of this show screamed average at best with most things like the characters felt heavily cliché. The exact details of the show are already slipping from my mind less then 2 hours after watching it. I’m giving this show one more episode to give me a reason to continue watching it; if it doesn’t feel like developing it’s characters and only uses fan service to entice further viewing (very tame fan service compared to some of the other shows now airing), then I will be dropping this.

Now this is more like it. Note how refreshingly upfront this reviewer is about his intention to stop watching unless he sees some more of those 15 year old breasts! He quite correctly acknowledges the show’s many, many failings, but admits that he will continue to watch as long as the characters become more developed (hurr) or more fanservice is included. That’s the kind of commitment to awfulness that best characterizes the average anime blogger.

If I heard correctly, Saki is all embarrased and such about her maid outfit in episode 4…  Specifically she comments twice about the skirt length.  Well, let’s take a look at her preferred seifuku skirt length…

It must kill the (by all reports highly underpaid) staff of anime studios that the drawings they slap together to meet their deadlines under cost are subjected to this kind of analysis. Nice job gumshoe, you figured out that Saki has shitty art, something that everyone else with eyes in their head figured out in the opening seconds of the first episode. Also those comparison lines are really poorly placed but I will not fall into the trap of giving a shit by explaining why.

Saki – This is totally Bamboo Blade for board games.  It’s got all the overdramatic photoshop effects, plus the miracle girl who can manipulate mahjong in the same way that Tamaki owned Kendo.  Somehow when I watch shows like this it makes me go, “Ah, I want to learn this!”.  But I guess that’s the point of the jazzed up visuals.

Ah yes the visuals.Yeah rightI hate to disappoint the prospective mahjong player, but no, you do not become a cosplay angel anime girl every time you get a good hand. I strongly suspect any boost to interest in mahjong will last precisely as long as the game is associated with large cartoon breasts, because in reality it’s complicated and boring.

The episode wasn’t too bad, making up for Saki’s plainness with more interesting characters (Finally some reason to watch it). Although Saki does have the moeblob personality just no appeal. The Catgirl and the ‘ribbons and chain’ girl are my favourites so far, although neither are significant leaders and wont get any significant attention. The under the table shots of saki’s legs are completely pointless and don’t even count as fan service. Next episode seems to be an onsen episode though I could be wrong since I didn’t see Saki’s team there.

I, too, sometimes become disappointed with candid images of cartoon 15 year olds’ legs which are not revealing enough. Note here the poster’s disdain for Saki, “Although she does have the moeblob personality”, and his preference for the catgirl and ribbons characters. The moeblob personality is really more like a lack of personality, these characters generally lack any form of self and have replaced it with a clumsy, malleable lump of embarrassment that allows them to be easily manipulated by other characters (and by fans, in their dark fantasies). Of course once you’ve removed the personality the easiest way to tell characters apart is with meaningless bits of decoration, hence the cat ears and ribbons that so dominate anime characterization that they have become archetypes unto themselves.

It’s a sports anime about Mahjong, a game played mostly in the eastern countries, in a way resembles domino and black jack i guess. Like K-ON is the female version of “Beck”, Saki is the female vesion of a more known Mahjong anime, Akagi. The two main protagonists are Saki, a natural Mahjong genius who doesn’t really like to play it, and Nodoka, a person who is good at Mahjong but has probably worked hard for it. A friendship is formed between them and they set out to conquer the championship. There’s some wonderful comedy relief characters in the face of Kyotaro Suga and Yuki Kataoka(or “taco girl”) voiced by Jun Fukuyama(Lelouch, Code geass) and Rie Kugumiya(Nagi, Hayate no Gotoku) respectively.  I’m not quite an expert of Mahjong so i can’t feel the atmosphere as well as those who know the rules. One thing is certain, Nodoka’s gigantic breasts keep me from following the Mahjong matches closely.

As misguided as the previous posts might have been, none of them seemed quite as off the mark as this blogger, who actually thinks Saki is funny. It is not. Generally comedy is one of the most subjective forms of creativity, but Saki is unequivocally not funny. It is objectively unfunny. It has almost as little to do with comedy as mahjong does with blackjack. How can someone whose understanding of the show is so crucially flawed continue to derive enjoyment from it? He makes no bones about it (I will not stoop to peurile innuendos); “Nodoka’s gigantic breasts”.

My methods of searching for appropriate posts is as yet unrefined, and my survey of blog responses to Saki is far from complete, but I will leave it at this for now. I will tag future expeditions under ‘This World is Corrupt’ for convenience.

1 thought on “This World is Corrupt: Saki

  1. SailorSonic

    He quite correctly acknowledges the show’s many, many failings, but admits that he will continue to watch as long as the characters become more developed (hurr) or more fanservice is included. That’s the kind of commitment to awfulness that best characterizes the average anime blogger.

    I hate how so many anime fans are like that. If you think a show sucks, drop it. Don’t keep watching it in hopes i’ll get better (Hint: 98.9% of the time it won’t.),or just because of fanservice. There are lots of good shows out there that have fanservice, like Haruhi, so why waste your time watching a terrible show just because of fanservice? The mind boggles.


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