Equality – A Need in Anime

I’ll be frank with my viewers. I’m no artist, but my point is better seen in a visual form rather than a written form.


Ah yes, the big boob and average guy shtick.

I just want to point out that I really think Disney’s Beauty and the Beast did great depicting Belle as the beauty of the town and Gaston as the hunk of the town. You don’t see muscular men in anime anymore unless they are for comic relief or gay or something other.

Beauty and Gaston

Without further adeu, here is how equalization of anime should occur:

The only real solution I have to harem anime.

The only real solution I have to harem anime.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “Equality – A Need in Anime

  1. rurikotamaki

    I understand what you mean. The “ordinary guy” as a main character is getting way overused. I wish they at least had something of a more flavorful personality. And I wish they didn’t all LOOK the same.

    I just had a coversation yesterday about sexism in Japan (The way the Japanese language works is rather sexist) and its reflections in anime. We concluded it didn’t show through to badly at all…and then you post this. THIS is what we missed. It is an inequality, you’re right. It’s objectifying to us poor females after all. Le sigh~~


    1. Nyoro~n :3 Post author

      Thanks for the comment, I was just fed up with average looking guys in anime. They need to change something, and I feel that a drastic change like this might be what is needed to change anime for the better. :3

  2. endless

    I’ll jump on the boat for a drastic change!
    I grow tired of the big boobed chick paired with the average loser thing.

    If a girl is going to walk around with balloons in her shirt, why not stick balloons in the guys pants!


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