This World is Corrupt: Rape Simulator Ban

    Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen! SA marschiert mit mutig-festem Schritt.

Due to any number of factors, possibly including a chain of events sparked by a recent hentai game called RapeLay getting a lot of attention in the foreign press, the entire world is now trapped under the oppressive heel of nationalist feminist socialism. Only a few, brave souls remain who have the courage and strength of their convictions to stand up to the forces of totalitarianism. These are their stories.

Let’s start things off by clearing up a common misconception.

What do you call someone who decides FOR you, WITHOUT you, and with their PERSONAL OPINION/FEELING/WHATEVER as the only concrete reason, what you are going to watch on TV, what you are going to play, and what you are going to read?  Yes… say it with me…


[…]What was the point of the above?  That once you start surrendering your freedom of choice without a reason, you will eventually surrender every and all freedom without a reason.  Last time I checked, I was an adult.  I can sign contracts, have other legal and economic dealings, have children, vote in a democratic state, etc etc.  We’re talking about pretty serious stuff here, especially the part about raising kids.  So the state comes to a supposedly responsible adult like me (after all, it was the state that told me I’m responsible for myself now) and actually DECIDES FOR ME what games I will play on my console or PC…? What books I will read? What music I will listen to? What movies I will watch?  And why? Because some mentally challenged individuals, even when most research cannot support their reasoning, decide that doing the above will turn me into a criminal?  Are we even SERIOUS?  What’s this? Global fascism on the rise?

My favorite part of this entire hilarious episode is how many people wrote absolutely scathing rebukes against the improper restriction of artistic expression without having even a basic understanding of what they’re so upset about. If you click the Sankaku Complex article linked above the cut you’ll notice that the Japanese government did not ban anything. A private industry ratings agency called the Ethics Organization of Computer Software met and decided that they would no longer rate certain kinds of hentai games, meaning a number of vendors will stop carrying them. There may or may not have been political pressure involved, but no legal action was taken by the Diet.

    Kam'raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen, Marschier'n im Geist in uns'ren Reihen mit.

That’s it. That’s the whole story. People will just have to get their rape simulators directly through the makers or through the massive unlicensed independent software market. The hero of 20-something Ayn Rand fans everywhere, Congressman Dr. Ronald Paul (OBGYN), would almost certainly celebrate this as a victory for self-regulation in the private sector. If this had happened in any other industry the guy I quoted would probably be smugly citing it as proof of the superiority of the free market and boring the shit out of everyone else in his “Introduction to Political Science” class (I’m assuming a little there but experience has taught me that libertarianism and rape games often go hand-in-hand).

In fact this is more like a victory for anyone with any taste or decency. The people of Japan expressed the firm consensus that games like RapeLay are disgusting and wrong, and the pornographic video game industry responded by removing those games from popular circulation. No one’s right to free speech was abridged, anymore than the rights of people who wear Crocs would be abridged if you told them they looked dumb as hell and they responded by voluntarily taking the things off.

I don’t play many games, let alone eroge.  But these two articles; if true, means we’re all taking another step forward to having some asshole impose their personal brand of moral based regulation on us.   I’ve held great contempt for feminism before, but I can’t begin to even believe what they’re pulling here.  Fuck feminism.  There. I said it.

Trying to ban everything isn’t a solution to anything.  Just like that Rapelay game.  Why do you want to ban it as if to say the game causes rape? Why are you trying to absolving rapists of their personal responsibility by trying to pin it all on some game.  If playing a game causes you to go out to rape and murder then you obviously have some deeply rooted problem and should go get help.  Even if entertainment with any objectionable content is banned, you’d have to wonder when people like this will finally snap anyways.


Fuck you world. Fuck you femi extremists and fuck you Noda Seiko.  Suddenly freedom of expression doesn’t feel so free anymore.

(you might think that I’m sad for being angry over not being able to have expression via eroge.  Well I think it’s also pretty sad to have to live by someone else’s self righteous brand of “moral behaviour” of what I should and should not find entertaining.  Plus it sets precedence for further rights limitations. )

It’s wild how many people on the blogosphere suddenly care deeply about human rights in foreign countries these past couple of weeks. Of course they don’t care that under Japanese law you can be held for up to 28 days without being indicted for a crime. Freedom of rape games is much more primary than the right to uh… everything else. They also don’t care about the many reports that during those 28 days police often solicit erroneous confessions, or that until recently Japanese courts had a statistically improbable conviction rate of more than 99%, a number that suggests a superhuman police force that doesn’t exist or a horrifying number of false positives. They care more about the right to play games in which they can stalk and rape their own pregnant sister than they do the right to be alive, a right that only three first world nations, including Japan, still do not guarantee.

If they really think that free expression is so vital to southeast Asian nations, they must really be upset about the recent move by the Chinese government to install internet filtering programs on personal computers. Or about the continuing detention of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese politician imprisoned for speaking out in favor of democratic reform. Or about the incredibly vile regime in North Korea, where you can literally be sent to the worst place on earth for saying a single word against Dear Leader and his Juche ideology.

Die Straße frei den braunen Bataillonen. Die Straße frei dem Sturmabteilungsmann!

Needless to say, no one I’ve quoted today has written a single word in their blogs on any of those topics. The only time they give a shit about human rights is when they directly affect first world white guys. Ironically, one of my dreams  after law school is to work for the ACLU, the organization that constantly fights legal battles over things like the legal right to rape simulation, because I do believe in the right to free expression even when I don’t agree with what’s being said. Hentai games make me sick to my stomach, but I could very well end up legally representing the next American otaku to get nabbed for ~nubile milk lolis 7~, because I think that everyone deserves all of their human rights all of the time, and I’ll do what I can to fight for them. If my client is one of these bloggers, would they be able to say the same?

What us erogamers feared recently finally somehow came true. EOCS (Japanese adult game censorship regulations) in response to the (freak’n) feminists yappin’ released a list of things that will be banned to be in any eroge. The list itself is ridiculous since it includes things like girl or student council, what the heck is wrong with it? Most of the stuff in the banned list is things that we encountered in most eroge. If they were banned, what’s to be in an eroge? A typical school romance? C’mon, if all of them were like that, one company of eroge should suffice, and they should only released only 1 game in a year.

I don’t know in response to the ban list or not, Minori banned all non-JP IP address in accessing their site. It’ll be a matter of time untill all follows. Hopefully not…

So folks, be prepared for the worst. That in the future eroge will be as dull as TV shows.

List of banned stuffs in eroge:

  • Rape
  • Loli
  • Gang Rape
  • Assault
  • Brutality
  • Reverse Rape
  • Girl
  • Adultery
  • Reverse Assault
  • Compulsion
  • Gangbang
  • Student Council
  • Bestiality
  • Bondage
  • Coercion
  • Train Molestation
  • Prostitution
  • Incest
  • Torture
  • Binding
  • Pregnancy
  • Violation
  • Slaves
  • Pregnant Women
  • Confinement
  • If you really can’t enjoy pornography without these things I’m just not sure what to tell you. Of course games with  the themes in question will still be available through any number of channels, but I’d like to believe that looking at the list will make a few people really think about what they’re doing. Every item is a measure of control, either directly through handcuffs and coercion, or indirectly through underage victims and shaming through bestiality. These aren’t parts of healthy human relationships; they’re acts of sexual violence. Maybe seeing all of them lined up in a row will give erogamers a little insight into just why their hobbies are so disparaged by the rest of society. It doesn’t seem to have had that effect on the author though, who just wonders how he’ll possibly be able to enjoy pornography that doesn’t feature criminal offenses against women and girls.

    Are you offended that they feature games that contain rape and other content? I can’t blame you.

    But the fact is, you idiots aren’t just creating a valid “criticism” on the offensiveness of the said content, fact of the matter is, you guys call “bullshit” on such content not just with the intention of providing criticism, but rather you want to ban it because you don’t like the idea of having wank material containing rape. [Bold in original] You guys can’t even understand how to say “I hate this stuff but I respect its right to exist” and often end up spewing “I hate this stuff and I want this shit of existence.” [Italics in original] You may have a right to criticise the content, but to call for bans because it happens to be nasty, of bad taste, or catered to “that kind” of people, especially if it’s released in another country, is founded on an entirely different world of ignorance in and of itself. Period. That’s why the feminists have being going too far.

    Don’t even try to mask what is a “call to arms” with an “intention to criticise”.

    You want Japan to think of foreigners better and get over its own inferiority complex? I’ve got a good idea–Get over your own damn superiority complex and stop trying to act like you can impede on their own culture and influence their own lives/businesses. This might set a precident for some people in Japan–If a foreign activist can have influence on their own niche subculture, then they might think they’ll try to exert more and more control on mainstream media/culture. They have their own faults, we have ours–What right do we have to interfere in a society we don’t even live in, especially if nobody was harmed in the making of such content?

    Guys like you are amongst the same asshats that call for a ban on everything labeled as “offensive”, “crude” and “obscene”, and people have [expletive] [Erratic self-censorship in original] gotten into JAIL because of it. You guys don’t seem to understand that the concept of freedom of speech happens to be designed to protect speech that may be against what the majority might think. Now you want something banned in a society that you don’t even live in or otherwise make any contributions to under the guise of “providing valid criticism”? Dumbass.

    This poster seems to be laboring under the same false impression as the first blogger quoted, that the EOCS is some kind of Japanese legal body, something that I’m sure neither the EOCS or the Japanese government would appreciate. But the real reason he’s quoted is that he expresses by far the least sensible argument I’ve heard in this controversy: that because of the publicity stirred by the international organization Equality Now, the EOCS ban doesn’t represent the will of the Japanese people.

    Es schau'n aufs Hakenkreuz voll Hoffnung schon Millionen. Der Tag für Freiheit und für Brot bricht an!

    First of all, if you actually want to understand how this mess started you should read Equality Now’s statement, which points out that not only is their campaign against RapeLay in line with Japan’s signing of the CEDAW and its constitutional provision against sexual discrimination, but also that Equality Now is working in concert with the Japanese Anti-Pornography and Prostitution group. Of course the publishers themselves have characterized this as an attack from abroad because Japan can be pretty xenophobic, but the current PM, Taro Aso, is well known for not giving a single fuck what other countries think of Japan, and it’s pretty hard to believe that the Diet would give in to foreign pressure on an issue this minor and cultural (Aso later withdrew that particular remark but he is still certifiably crazy). I’m sure glorious Nippon appreciates the efforts of the Forums Foreign Legion to protest the actions of its lawfully elected representatives though.

    But even if non-Japanese groups were solely responsible for all this controversy and the resulting ECOS ban, so what? Is this poster really suggesting that because of differing cultures, Japanese rapes are more acceptable than rapes elsewhere? I doubt victims would agree. There’s a reason human rights are called human rights, and not ‘rights just for white people.’ Accusing an international organization dedicated to addressing an international problem of cultural imperialism just because you happen to disagree with them is pretty short-sighted. You wouldn’t accuse Amnesty International of imposing their values on Iranians when they condemn violence against protesters there the same way they would condemn violence against peaceful protest anywhere else in the world, would you? Often, outside organizations are the only chance victimized groups have for reform; it’s hard to imagine women in countries where they are not allowed to leave the house or communicate with people outside their family without permission being able to effectively fight for their own rights (no, the situations are not directly parallel, but the point is that there is a need for solidarity among the oppressed that crosses cultural boundaries).

    But anyway, this is the type of response I’d expect from a group like this. Equality Now is one of those extreme groups that will use any news or responses to justify their means, which in this case happens to be the blackballing of the Japanese into giving women more rights than they need to be given. The laws that women in Japan have on the books now are enforced to the letter (for the most part) and have, unfortunately, been abused by women whom take advantage of them. This is a fact that Equality Now blatantly chooses to ignore. They just see a rape simulation game, staged “rape” in Japanese porn, other eroge, and probably any hentai that’s produced in Japan as threats. This is due to some cases of such non-physical stimulation forcing men to act on real women (less than 3% of all cases, generously) and erroneous psychological studies overstating these cases. Because of this, this is their response:

    “Many of these messages have referred to statistics of rape in Japan that are reportedly far lower than in the U.S. for example. Equality Now does not believe it serves any purpose to excuse crimes in one country by pointing out that there are more in another.

    Also, their information that women’s activist groups show more cases than what’s reported because they don’t have faith in the system? I don’t know where they get this from, being that Japan enforces these rules. Is it possible that some of these victims aren’t reporting these cases not because they don’t have faith in the system but because their actions go back to human nature: women perceiving themselves as weaker than men in a somewhat civilized society? Surely, this cannot be their reason for “fighting” against such things worldwide.

    Frankly, Equality Now, much like the liberals that control today’s Democrats, the Quaker-like conservatives of the Republicans, or the Islamic terrorists that pervert the teachings of their religion, exhibit behaviors of the extremes on their levels that we see today. These women, whom could be called feminazis, are overreaching and any negative responses, such as bomb and death threats, just spur them on. Furthermore, they may not stop until the equation of natural order is reversed, men being the weaker sex with women taking the dominant position. Therefore, there are three (3) ways with which to stop them: 1) Give in like a bunch of pussies to their demands without an intellectual fight, 2) destroy the group of feminazis known as “Equality Now,” or 3) kick their asses in the courts of law and public opinion, forcing them to stop.

    Respectable ladies and gentlemen, let the battle begin.

    I honestly like Sankaku Complex, a news site that comes off as a lot better informed than the average blog but more relevant and timely than Anime News Network or other traditional sites. I also always thought the way they include articles about sex crime was tacit admission that a lot of anime and its fans are hopeless perverts and their obsessions have a real effect on real people, which would be a rare admission of responsibility on the part of the usually unrepentant otaku community. I link their articles often, including above the cut in this entry because out of the many reports I read theirs had the best grasp of all the relevant facts. Sadly, even with all the information they needed to understand how minor and how influenced by popular Japanese animus the EOCS ban was, they still put a xenophobic, misogynist spin on the story worthy of Fox News. This attitude carried over into their forums, where frothing reactionaries were quick to Godwin the hell out every opinion they could get their hands on.

    Bald flattern Hitlerfahnen über Barrikaden. Die Knechtschaft dauert nur noch kurze Zeit!

    I actually kind of like the idea that there’s some crazed cabal of manhaters that is responsible for this whole mess; I look forward to being issued my high-heeled jackboots. But it’s infinitely more likely that almost no one on either side of the argument really knows that much about feminism at all. The ‘enemies of free speech’ are normal businessmen, politicians and the laypersons who patronize and vote for those businessmen and politicians, and the vast, vast majority of them have never heard of Andrea Dworkin (neither have the otaku who oppose them, which is why they should stop demonizing a subject they know next to nothing about). You want to know why so many normal people wanted RapeLay and games like it taken off shelves?


    You don’t have to burn your bra to object to a game that rewards the player for kidnapping and raping an entire family, then aborting the children you force upon them. In fact, the real objections probably come from the more right-leaning people, who don’t give two shits about women’s rights or free expression, and would just as soon see anything they find morally objectionable burned. Saying that I don’t support a real legal ban on these games probably puts me with the minority of Japanese citizens. Except for the few perverted shut-ins that play them, the people of Japan, just like the people of any other country, don’t like the idea of rape simulators. If you asked the average guy on the street, he would probably tell you that kind of thing is sick and they should just lock up the people who make them. Their reaction isn’t something inspired by the feminazis that seem to haunt Sankaku forum posters’ dreams—it is a visceral response based on the fact that these games are fucking disgusting. Most normal Japanese people, and most normal human beings in general, develop real relationships with each other based on love or money or social pressure or whatever. They don’t sit in their rooms and practice horrible acts on virtual women, and they find it disturbing that other people do so. The rape game defense squad just can’t get it through their heads, either because they haven’t been outside lately and don’t know or because they want so badly for it not to be true: no one but them likes rape games, and most people would rather that they not exist at all.


    If in the coming weeks the Diet decides that the limp-wristed EOCS ban wasn’t enough and goes on to put actual legal retrictions on rape games, we can have a real, considerate discussion about whether or not these things represent a protected class of speech. I’ll look up some studies, read some articles, look for precedents in Japanese law. But it won’t make anyone I quoted today even a little less of an ignorant, self-important misogynistic jackass who flipped their lid about a country thousands of miles away taking action to protect people from being abused in the most terrible ways imaginable. And it won’t change the fact that whether or not the games are entitled to legal protections, no law can protect the players from being considered absolutely digusting by the rest of the society they live in.

    20 thoughts on “This World is Corrupt: Rape Simulator Ban

    1. npal

      more like *double facepalm
      There goes the troll. Let’s counter-troll for the fun of it now.

      Actually if you cared to read my whole article, the REAL problem was how they’re basically expanding their area of criticism and what needs to be banned from something less to more vague concepts (from loli and rape to violence in general). Legal actions will be coming. The ECOS was basically forced to adopt the ban on its own, if you think they did it out of the goodness of their heart, you need to wake up and smell the roses.

      The other real problem is that playing games hardly creates people that exhibit the behaviours they play in the game, so your last comment is as moot as it’s stupid. I suppose you didn’t bother reading the actual scientific articles I posted.

      There is another thing, the ECOS ban list has come live and, as one of your other quoted bloggers mentioned it includes a number of things. I won’t question most of it but I will question what’s the problem with things like Binding and pregnancy. Now, you might think otherwise, but you might have heard that handcuffs are a usual fetish. You might have also heard that “OMG, people get pregnant” and “Woot! Pregnant women have sex” applies to the actual normal population, which basically makes your comment against that specific blogger biased and ridiculous to say the least.

      Now, you can troll the rest of the globe as much as you want, but the truth is out there is and it’s far more serious that your biggoted, self serving opinion. Then again, the blogosphere IS full of trash like this one, so I can’t say I’m surprised.

      Anyway, have fun trolling all over

      1. The Fin Post author

        Legal action has been coming and going for quite a while, and every previous complaint has either led to a modification of EOCS rules or toothless legislation. Political pressure was almost certainly applied, but EOCS is just a ratings agency that businesses use to filter the products they offer for sale. Slippery slope arguments are just as ridiculous in this case as they are when used by opponents of gay marriage, there’s no precedent that suggests that the change in regulations will be followed by anything more serious.

        I specifically stayed far away from the issue of whether or not the games directly effects the behavior of its players because I have absolutely no background there and I was getting tired of reading descriptions of 2D rape. As I said, if this develops into a credible legal threat to free expression and isn’t successfully challenged in court I’ll revisit the issue with some more research. But either way both the papers you linked are about non-sexual violence in western culture, and the first is based on video games that must be five or six generations of technology old by now. They aren’t especially relevant to sexual violence in a society half the world away that is plagued by train groping of the exact type that featured heavily in the RapeLay game that sparked this controversy in the first place.

        Cherry-picking two things off a very, very long list of acts which are almost entirely illegal doesn’t strengthen your argument. Especially when, again, the list has absolutely nothing to do with actual legislation. I can’t really dispute that yes, pregnant women do have sex, and I don’t begrudge them or their partners that right, but that fact has not one single thing to do with the issue of (sort of not really) banning rape simulators.

        What kills me about all of this, as I explain in the final paragraphs of the post, is how surprised rape gamers are by the condemnation heaped on them. I’m not trolling, and neither are the millions and millions of people who find these games entirely contemptible. You can defend them as free expression, but it’s just crazy to expect people to not be disgusted by them, and not to be vocal about that disgust. The blogosphere is filled with “trash like this one” because the world is filled with “self-serving bigots” like me who don’t enjoy depictions of sexual violence. Hey though it sounds like you have a line on “the truth” about rape simulation so good luck with that, lemme know if you discover the absolute form of free speech or whatever.

    2. Yuda

      The whole post was too long, so I will only respond to the portion where you commented on my blog entry.

      If you are really a law student then you should already know by now that the law is a blunt object. The same laws which protect the things you hate also protect the things you like. Despite how much contempt we hold for simulated rape, and how much you may ask the question of why something as morally reprehensible and evil is worth our defense, it is important to realize that in the end the law does not differentiate between what we like and what we don’t. To quote Gaiman- “Because if you don’t stand up for the stuff you don’t like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you’ve already lost.”

      As for why I don’t comment on anything else. I do not feel it is necessary to document every case of human rights violation or to laugh at how different countries run their law enforcement agencies. To put it frankly, I’m not trying to archive the world. My blog is a place where I put drawings I create. Commenting on politics is something I rarely do but made an exception for in this case because it relates to the subculture to which most people who do visit my blog undoubtedly enjoy.

      As a person who was part of a family that fled Hong Kong when rumors of a handover was in the air. I am well aware of the horrors of communism or a government regime with a tendency to intervene in the private matters of their citizens. Again I’m not a politics blogger and I’m only mentioning this because that part of your commentary was what struck me the most.

      Anyways, best of luck to you and your studies.

      1. E Minor

        Personally, I don’t agree with the banning of rape games. If it were up to me, law shouldn’t legislate morality; law should only protect people and I don’t think anyone can show conclusively that rape games, or fantasies in general, are detrimental to society. I’m not gonna lose any sleep either way, however.

        But I disagree that law is “a blunt object” or that it “does not differentiate between what we like and what we don’t like.” Law is ideology; it’s written by humans, interpreted by humans, enforced by humans, and usually by humans in power. In that case, I disagree with your argument (“Plus it sets precedence for further rights limitations”) that it could lead to other forms of censorship. For example, a lot of people postulate that the banning of rape games might also affect the banning of rape in pornography, but that’s a slippery slope that I just don’t buy. I seriously doubt that the AV industry, far bigger and more widely accepted by Japanese society than the eroge industry, will seriously be affected. Feminists in the past have also tried to end prostitution in Japan and easily failed in their efforts. Any attempt to enlarge the scope of this eroge ban will also be defeated.

        As a result, I think the panic across the Internet that this will become a bigger issue is simply gross exaggerations. The eroge industry is just an easy target–for slimy politicians and chest thumping moralists who couldn’t sniff a chance at taking down everything they dislike. And likewise, feminists (not all feminists are the same; not all feminists would agree with the banning of rape games) are just easy targets for those on the other side of the fence to vent their anger. I don’t really agree with some of Fin’s commentary (reminder to everyone that this blog is a collection of views, but not views that must necessarily overlap), but I think the essence of the article, or at least what I got out of it, is that the pro-eroge crowd is overreacting (but so are those who are calling for bans) and, at times, quite humorously.

        1. Yuda

          Yeah, it’s true a lot of the slippery slope arguments are hypothetical and often times overblown just to prove a point. As I’ve said I don’t play eroge so I would not be affected by this event, whether it be self-enforced or legislated. But as a person who spends their free-time drawing, the news offended me on a fundamental level- that what I create may be censored or at the extreme end; punished. It’s not a good feeling being told you can’t do something like putting down specific ideas onto paper. Even if the ideas are vile and it may never ever cross your mind, it’s the very principle of it all that irked me.

          In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have singled out feminists so quickly. There are after all many other rage-worthy extremists who you’re probably just better off not thinking about.

          And as for overreacting, I can understand how it sounds funny, but it’s the people who overreact that actually make things happen isn’t it? At least I know rolling over dead isn’t going to help get your opinion heard.

          1. E Minor

            And as for overreacting, I can understand how it sounds funny, but it’s the people who overreact that actually make things happen isn’t it? At least I know rolling over dead isn’t going to help get your opinion heard.

            I certainly don’t disagree. But at the same time, it doesn’t make the overreactions immune to criticism or, at the very least, half serious jabs across the Internet. And that’s all it is to me; maybe Fin feels more strongly about it than I do, but I just thought the angry responses were amusing–I don’t deny (some of) their validity if it’s there. Still, I appreciated your level-headed response to basically a call out from Fin (I don’t think she’d deny that).

      2. The Fin Post author

        I know it’s a long post but you might want to read my response to the first person I quote, because it’s important to realize that at this point there is zero legislation on the subject and as E Minor pointed out acting as though this is a step that will inevitably lead in that direction is kind of silly. And I may have held people to too high a standard to expect them to post about other human rights issues, but my beef there is that I don’t think that they’re even aware of those issues, which is indicative of their self-centeredness. If you are in fact up on your major SE Asian rights violations then yeah I can hardly fault you for posting about the minor ones. And thanks for your kind wishes~ good luck with your art (I am actually a closet Touhou fan, your picture with Kaguya Mokou and Keine is still in my screensaver folder although I didn’t realize until just now you were the artist).

        1. Yuda

          Yeah, I was aware of that. But all the same I was just grossly offended by the notion that rights groups just gave the eroge industry a low-blow by targeting distributors, and essentially sending the message that thought policing was a-ok with them.

          It should offend anyone – the human race has come a long way, lots of suffering and bloodshed was had before freedom to express ones idea was made more mainstream. And whilst living comfortably in a society built around this hard earned right, with one resounding proclamation a group of people is gladly pointing us onto a road back into a time where people with certain beliefs and ideas were censored. I’m extreme but that’s the way I see it.

          Woo Touhou fan! This is a small internet after all.

          1. The Fin Post author

            I’m really not convinced that the EOCS was out of line, they decided that the rights groups represented enough of their client companies’ customers that they should go ahead and pull the offending games to avoid losing money. The right to freely express yourself is one thing, the right to make mainstream vendors sell your games when they stand to lose money because their other customers object to the games’ contents is another. The people responsible for RapeLay weren’t stopped from selling their product by the law, they were stopped by the market (and in any case I’m sure all this publicity will lead to good sales through their website or through specialty stores not a part of the EOCS’ organization).

            With that in mind, is the right to rape game sales really even on the same continuum as the rights that people have died for? It doesn’t actually prevent anyone from expressing themselves because they’re still free to make the things, and it doesn’t even stop them from being sold. It’s also not in any way based in law, it’s purely a private sector restriction. To my mind, there’s no comparison, this ban isn’t a step towards censorship or a step towards anything really it’s just an isolated economic decision by a private company. As I say in the last paragraph, if it does move past that point I’ll reexamine the issue based on whether or not rape simulators should be protected speech.

            I took a break halfway through typing this and got further in MoF extra stage than I ever have before so thanks you are an inspiration!

            1. Yuda

              Well rapegames were never really a large issue until recently, or at least not to my knowledge. I say this because Rapelay is an old game with corny graphics that only got attention much later, there are probably plenty of other more recent games with rape or rape content. So it actually does look more like an example of some people looking really hard for something to get on their moral high horses about.

              Also the free market dictates what happens by the market mechanism. If people abhor rape games then developers will do something else, because there is absolutely no incentive in making rape games if nobody buys them, the distributors hurt from not moving inventory, the developers hurt from pouring resources into creating them. If these right groups did represent a significant portion of potential clients (which I doubt, and these companies know that by virtue of operating in the industry and knowing which demographic they’re targeting.) then a simple SWOT analysis, would therefore have sufficed in deterring proliferation of this genre of eroge, any regulation of any sort would not have been necessary and the rights groups would still be satisfied. This types of self-regulation is not a result of free market activity.

              You’re right in that it does not render this type of game illegal, to create and to sell, but to reduce the number of possible distribution routes will immediately kill off smaller developers incapable of making transitions or prudent decisions. keep in mind that the Japanese economy has been on the down and down for the past 20 or so years ever since the Japanese Lost Decade up until the current crisis. In fact, people who are in their 20s and early 30s have probably seen nothing but economic doom- and- gloom their whole lives. If people lose jobs over this I would find it highly unnecessary.

              It’s very funny to actually think about people dying for their right to play rape games. But I feel that there shouldn’t be a reason why it doesn’t fall under freedom of expression. Either way my issue with the whole event largely has just been that it rubbed me the wrong way and it pressed all my buttons. But eroge developers and distributors weren’t free of blame either. They had no backbone. Not standing up for their own rights and defaulting to “self-regulation” right away made the situation look worse than it really was.

              Dissecting this issue with greater legal insight is probably not within my ability anyways (I went into economics, politics and development btw). But blogging was always a nice way to let out frustration…Speaking of frustration. I was always terrible at Touhou. Do you play with the arrow pad on your keyboard? Or do you have one of those game pads with the control stick?

              I only beat PoFV and IN on normal mode. I feel inferior now. :P

              1. The Fin Post author

                RapeLay came out in 2006, I suspect it’s taken this long to come into the public eye because while the genre was always notorious RapeLay’s concept is especially horrible on a number of levels, which might have taken a while for people not a part of the rape game community to find out about.

                I’d argue that the objections of vendors’ other customers can be considered just another threat that the software maker didn’t consider when they decided to publish the game. Disgust isn’t the purest market force, but if you want to do business in mainstream stores then it’s something you have to deal with, and apparently Illusion software didn’t correctly evaluate that factor. And while I sympathize with anyone who loses their job over this, I’m sure that companies will simply either shift their creative focus or switch their distribution to either direct or through smaller vendors. And again, I believe in a right to free expression, not a right to a successful business model.

                As to whether the EOCS was cowardly or prudent, I think that depends on popular attitudes of people in Japan, voters and customers, that they would have a better grasp of than us. If there was a legitimate threat of restrictive legislation and/or loss of business, then they made the right move. If Japan is anything like the U.S. there are always people who are willing to boycott or ban products that offend them, so moving Rapelay and its ilk out of the public eye was almost certainly a good idea.

                People talk a lot about gamepads and my eyes just glaze over, I can’t imagine making really fine movements without a keyboard. Honestly though actual dodging is a small part of getting good at beating Touhou games’ story modes, what counts isn’t technical skill it’s knowing what’s coming, where to move, when to collect items, and most of all knowing when you will need to bomb BEFORE you die (in IN you can get away with deathbombing every time if you’re border team but you lose 2 which sucks). I used to tell people to start playing with IN because it’s easier but now I say MoF because the scoring and power and bomb systems are so much simpler, you might try it if you want to get better, can get a lot of practice with strategic bombing.

                1. Yuda

                  Never underestimate the power of Asian mentality and their ability to say nothing to make change. whilst turning to the person behind them and cursing about it. I think it’s largely why this didn’t get much attention until a bunch of foreign people threw themselves into the fray. I can’t say or claim to know much about japanese culture. But If it’s anything like Hong Kong or Chinese, I’d say it’s very different from US culture, whilst people can hate something, they tend not to be very vocal about it, especially if they don’t see it as anything that can directly affect them, so even if they don’t like the eroge aisle of a game store, they’ll just avoid going there. The people who regular these kinds of stores would come to expect this kind of thing and if you’re not a regular patron and become offended and start complaining, then it isn’t the place for you. Go to more tame outlets.

                  Actually I think online communities are a pretty good comparison. Deviantart has a bunch of over opinionated, usually poorly informed people being hyper defensive. Pixiv actually has a comment function but you rarely see people comment, instead they’d rather use that rating system to tell you how much they think your drawing is worth.

                  English forums tend to be full of highly opinionated/individualistic people also which can spawn drama in the course of getting their ideas across, but chinese forums are slightly better in that respect, less inflammatory messages are posted and fewer people respond to them.

                  Anyways, I’m fairly content now. We’ve had a nice discussion about this. It was pretty fun, so I’m glad I didn’t respond with trollish behaviour.

                  As for gamepads, they’re actually really good~ never underestimate the power of a 360 degree directional stick over a direction pad. But I’ve always played touhou on the keyboard, because I couldn’t be bothered to get an adapter to use my ps2 controller. Also yeah…I’d say MoF and SA are different to the previous Touhou games in the respect that you can powerbomb to get higher score, which takes getting used to. Since stock bombs promoted the exact opposite strategy to the game of only bombing when you absolutely need to. I would still recommend IN since the scoring system is more intuitive. the bullets aren’t as quick and patterns are easier. The last word spell cards add additional replayability to IN as well, easily making it my favorite. (plus it has mokotan)

                  1. The Fin Post author

                    I can’t deny I was trolling a little with this post, but I think calling specific people on specific comments in a confrontational way makes them engage with the issue more than broad arguments directed at no one in particular would. And it seems to have worked out ok for us! I do hope you reconsider what you said about feminism though because it’s really a lot different from the way people make it out to be, and a lot more important than most people realize because a lot of it deals with the way people are controlled by gender roles on an unconscious level that isn’t always apparent to them.

                    I have a ps3 controller I might try hooking up and playing with but so many shot patterns are avoided by making tiny motions at the bottom of the screen that I’d only really be using 1 or 2 degrees of those 360 most of the time. And ZUN not including spell practice/final words in new danmaku games is seriously criminal, they add so much more playability to the game. Shoot the Bullet is cool because it’s kind of like spellcard practice except you get to be the ultrafast 3-speed Aya, but I really wish I could practice cards in MoF and SA without having to fight my way through the stage. IN is my favorite but the scoring is pretty wild compared to MoF’s “never stop shooting/killing stuff” faith system. I mean you have to factor in how to get enough time orbs for the final spell which means you want to be at the right place on the human/youkai meter for each spell, which can get kind of strategic. And Mokotan is everyone’s favorite~ damn we got off topic fast, this is the power of Touhou.

    3. HeavenCloud

      Long post is long. So when you quoted my post you’re saying like this.

      “These aren’t parts of healthy human relationships; they’re acts of sexual violence.”

      Yes, I admit most of them are some of the of sexual fetishes that existed in the world. But could you say the same thing as I the one that was stressed in my post? The girl part and the student council? For the girl part is kinda ambiguous since no age range are presented so I could admit that it could fall into the loli type. But student council? Which of that part is a sexual violence?

      “If you really can’t enjoy pornography without these things I’m just not sure what to tell you.”

      It’s almost the same like saying to watch the TV/Movies with the same theme again, again, and again. It’s getting pretty dull if you don’t know. Pretty much the same as sex or pornography. If you’re going to be presented with same move every time and still could enjoy it , then I won’t say anything against it. Every guy had their own tastes, and for me variation is a must.


      Heh, you don’t have to tell us that. Since we pretty much know that the whole world hated us to our very existence.

      1. The Fin Post author

        I think you’re right about ‘girl’, ‘Student Council’ might be a similar thing where members would probably be in primary school and under the age of consent. Maybe I could have explicitly made exceptions for the more vanilla fetishes on the list but the vast majority of the bulleted items were violent in one form or another.

        I’m no great connoisseur of pornography, but I’m pretty sure you can get variety without non-consensual acts. Seriously, it’s hard to get around the internet without tripping over the variety of sexual acts available for viewing, 2D or 3D. If you just can’t get your rocks off without seeing someone violated against their will (or without them being underage and unable to consent) I honestly recommend counseling.

        And I’m just not sure enough rape gamers realized how objectionable their habits are to other people. Judging by the responses in various places they were shocked that people didn’t want RapeLay in their stores, and shocked by the idea that people would be upset enough over it to try to ban it (no I don’t support legal action). If they want to classify an interest in rape games as a harmless fetish they should be prepared to deal with what every other harmless fetish has to deal with: the vast majority of people not wanting to see or hear about them.

        1. HeavenCloud

          I think I mentioned this on my other post that I got nothing against with the rape eroge bans, since rape is not my primary fetish. Yet I’m still interested in it. For me watching hentai or looking at any porn ARTWORK (no real photographs) without those extra wild or maybe some other extreme fetishes is just like eating food without any extra spices, just plain.

          But at the very least, I could keep that one and some other wild fetishes just in the 2D or the imaginary world. When it comes to real sex/porns, vanilla/consensual sex is doing great without the other fetishes that I usually concerned with in the 2D. So I believe I don’t need any consultations for this time being.

          1. HeavenCloud

            Urgh, forgot to insert this.

            What I feared from those bans are that later other “irregular” fetishes will also disappear from the eroge genres/types. Leaving only plain vanilla, which will be no fun at all. I’m all ok with just consensual oriented eroge, but if it’s going to be a repetoire and stereotype games, the eroge industry is definitely doomed.

            1. The Fin Post author

              One group of fetishes being restricted from major vendors is not going to doom the eroge industry, and there is still no word about any further bans. The furor will die down, new channels of distribution will be opened and developed (this is the era of Steam, pretty soon shops selling physical CDs and DVDs will be out of business anyway), and hopefully everyone who made a furious post comparing the EOCS ban to actual political oppression will feel very very silly about it. That’s what this post was about, regardless of how you really feel about rape simulation you have to admit that the crazy rage this incredibly minor ban creates is humorous in its own right when you look at it in context. I mean really…nazis?

        2. meow

          well. I have a rapefetish. That the reason I like animestuff-because i can be 100% sure that, because all is drawn, there will be no consent problem.
          /that the reason I dont like the laws that make loli illegal. I am not into that, but It might be helpful as a tool in therapy for non offending pedophiles because its without victim. In CP its always sexual violence, but if its drawn? And epecially people who know their orientation is wrong will know they wont be able to have ever sex or a relationship. So giving those people a good therapy but also not denying that they have a libido and helping to get off without making more people to victims and re-victimization through consumption and torrenting of ther rape-documentation..

          Because I like rape-fantasies. Not the real stuff. Thats the reason I only prefer certain porn-producers who do before/after videos that show the people doing stuff like talking about boundaries and defining safeword and what will be done in the scene.

          So, i dont like the assumption that I am somewhat defective or morally wrong to be into rape as fetish, into BDSM as fetish and like it in my porn.

          I am all for clear tags. I for example dont like game of thrones because its so rapey- it feels not like the right place when that makes sense? (Like I love nutella, but I cant eat it every single day. And i Think people should know when Nutella is included in something so people who dont like nutella dont have to come in contact with it.
          The same goes for rape/sexualized violence for titilation.. I think they should blend in a warning sign that means “unspecified acts of sexualized violence follows after 2 minutes, please change channel if you dont want to see it ) And or maybe a small information taht goes before the movie or series?
          We have that in out TV to show a thing is 16+ , so it would be possible to say “this episode/movie/etc deals with themes of sexual violence(death(if thats unusual) viewers discretion is advised. If you need help/someone to talk to: ______(if free help-numbers exist)

          So I would be very much for warnings in shops/onlineshops that say exactly what will happen so people can decide for themselves (and there should be a good way for age-verification, but thats another topic.)

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