Oh. My. God. I never imagined this day would come. Thank you, thank you everyone.


(downs fox courtesy of Nyoro~n :3)

Well obviously 1000 isn’t really a big deal, but some of the referrals we got during our first few weeks were so fabulous that I felt they needed to be shared. To that end I’d like to thank our readers for their continuing interest in:

  • tag: loli (our number one referrer)
  • tag: feminism
  • ‘revealing skirt’
  • ‘drawing of anime hands’
  • ‘smooth men’ (and ‘hairy japan gay’, just to provide some contrast)
  • ‘big boobs cartoon 7’
  • and ‘landscape design’

Also, shoutout to my bruers at the videogamesindonesia.com forums, who were nice enough to say about us: ‘long english article [frowny face]’. Haha, you know what they say: tong kosong nyaring bunyinya!

Really though, we started out writing this blog for personal satisfaction and it’s really cool that other people have found it interesting enough to read. Hopefully we’ll continue crapping out an article or two a day (on average) about anime or other parts of Japanese pop culture and their relationship to English-speaking fans until we all get sick of ourselves.

I swear I won’t waste space with this kind of shameless back-patting again until at least 5000 hits!

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