Frequently Asked Questions

This page is pretty outdated. I stopped updating it years ago. I guess you could say I just don’t get that many questions these days.

Added: April 6, 2012

“Some stuff about the definition of ‘moe’ and its applicability as a descriptor for anime characters, series, films, etc.”
Like I’ve said before, the title of blog is just meant to be catchy. To put it in a different way, the title is a reaction to the sentiment shared by a group of Western anime fans. I’m really not interested in discussing moe in anime, and if you take a look at most of my posts, you’ll find that I hardly ever even bring it up. No, really. If you have the impression that I rail on “moe anime” and such, feel free to show me such examples that aren’t from the blog’s nascent days.

Added: September 6, 2011

Why E Minor? Is it your favorite chord or something?
The name’s a holdover from my high school days. I used to play the piano and I liked Chopin. These days, I use a different handle for Skype, GMail, etc.

How do you duders pick which anime to watch and write about? Ya’ll seem pretty smart and good at analysis, was wondering if maybe you were considering doing more… “literary” (avoiding “deep” at all costs) shows?
I just watch and write about any show that interests me. Anything could turn into an interesting subject. I don’t really buy into the high vs. low art distinction. The only thing that matters is what a work of art communicates to its audience, regardless of whether it’s full of metaphors and allusions or not. So… I’m not trying to be a dick but what does “more ‘literary’ shows” even mean?

Hmm, I wasn’t clear. I agree that it’s basically what you get out of a work, but you peeps seem to be able to get more out of something, like- well, something besides “Moe Life 2011” to use an extreme example. Dunno. I just think your analysis is unique
Shows like “Moe Life 2011” do have their own messages, but just not what we’re particularly interested in hearing or writing about. Just how many “friendship in high school is the bestest thing!” shows do we need? Of course, these shows also creepily pander to the audience by featuring nothing but pre-pubescent looking young girls molesting each other. One could argue that this is worth talking about, but once you’ve criticized one of these shows, you’ve criticized them all. Again, there’s just not much of an interest here for us.

Sorry. >.< I mean like, ya’ll seem good and smart at doing shows that aren’t Moe Moe 2020. I dunno, selfish on my part, but I’d love to see ya’ll dissect some of the more, er… I am not coming up with a good term here. Complicated? Relevent? Shows.
I write about current shows. Do you think there’s any other show this season that we should have written about?

I don’t know, that’s your call. I guess that’s why I was curious as to how ya’ll choose. ^.^
I just watch episodes and if I feel like having something to say after the fact, I will. There are episodes I can’t even stand to finish (e.g. Idolmaster episodes), so I obviously won’t and can’t write about them. So to your question, we choose shows by whether or not they’re interesting to watch.

Added: August 4, 2011

What do you think of Tsukasa?
Don’t really care about her either way.

Why do you have Hiiragi Tsukasa as your mascot then?
Just because she’s in my banner doesn’t make her a mascot. Have you seen “The Treachery of Images?” The Tsukasa in the banner is originally a parody of that painting. I thought this was clever so I decided to do something similar, i.e. “This is not an anime blog.”

Added: July 23, 2011

I believe you’ve mentioned Roger Ebert once or twice when someone complained about your reviews. Are you inspired by him or any other film critic? Also, have you ever heard of A.O. Scott? I think I’d compare you more to that one…
No, I am not personally inspired by Roger Ebert or any film critic for that matter. Ebert’s a popular critic so I use him as an example of how ludicrous it is to expect only positive criticism from bloggers.

I haven’t heard of A. O. Scott, although I will probably take a look at him now that he’s been mentioned. I actually don’t try to review anime, but if people think a few negative comments here and there constitute a review, so be it. People are free to come to their own conclusions.

Added: July 17, 2011

HI there just discovered your blog some minutes ago and read the about page and the faq and I got a question. Say, do you speak French?
No, I don’t think any of the writers on the blog, including myself, are proficient in French. If you got that impression from the banner, it’s inspired by “The Treachery of Images” (Wiki). I thought the banner would be clever.

Added: July 5, 2011

I think it safe to say that most of your anime reviews take a bit of a cynical tone. Is this just incidental in retrospective, or do you actually sit through most shows in MST3K style? And if so, have any titles immersed you enough to overcome this?
Most of the time, “incidental in retrospective.” If I come across cynical, it’s simply because most of the anime I watch are anime series and ~80% of these anime are usually junk or utterly forgettable.

If you want to see me approach anime seriously, you can go to the Categories widget to the right and peruse all the anime films I have written about.

For examples of anime series that I’ve taken seriously, Aoi Bungaku is one example; the earlier episodes of Ano Hana would be another.

Added: June 24, 2011

You guys seem to be really big on how women are portrayed in anime. Do you consider this medium to be especially lacking in that department?
Brother or sister — who or whatever you are — every medium is lacking in that department. Of course, I’m not sitting here and accusing anime of blatant sexism. What I find particularly troublesome is the lack of perspective in anime. Often, anime (and other media) advance an early 20th century, modernist ideality of femininity, i.e. something akin to Japan’s “Good wife, wise mother” (for more on this, click here) Don’t get me wrong — I am not against this type of woman. My Asian mother was this type of woman and she’s a good person at heart. If this is what many girls choose to become, more power to them.

My quibble with visual media, however, is not about the woman but the absence of women — if that makes any sense. Anime tends to promote ONLY a limited spectrum of femininity. At the same time, anime (and other media) sexualize and objectify female characters. Anime does not often give female characters a broad and healthy range of possibilities. Certainly, there are exceptions such as the heroines in the Miyazaki films or empowering josei stories, but by and large, anime females are often subservient to some shounen hero, either as a potential candidate for marriage or something to jerk off to.

It’s really a double-edged sword. The portrayal of women reflects poorly on the opposite gender.

My colleagues, nyororuron and Fin, would also like to say their piece.

nyororuron: “I feel that this medium is especially lacking in equality for women due to the fact that all women in anime must fall in love with the main character or have horrendously proportioned titays.”

Fin: “Resoundingly yes. There are exceptions, but by and large women in anime are relegated to supporting roles and objectified in a stupefying variety of ways known collectively as moe.”

Added: June 21, 2011

Why not blog about older anime series? Or is ripping on newer shows more fun?
Newer series are easier to digest by virtue of the fact that I only have to watch an episode a week. Of course, I can marathon the best stories out there, but most shows are not brilliant. I can only handle so much mediocrity; shows like Hanasaku Iroha are much more manageable in 20 min. weekly chunks.

As an aside, since you mentioned that I tend to rip on anime, I don’t think being an anime fan requires me to heap praises. At the same time, however, people take the criticism too literally. Speaking of Hanasaku Iroha, I rip on it plenty, but if I had to grade the show, I’d give it a C. That’s a purely average grade, suggesting that there are positives to glean from the series. I’m just not interested in providing a positive account of any show unless I find it personally interesting.

Are you guys accepting new writers for the blog?
Uh, no one’s ever asked to write for the blog before so I don’t exactly have a prepared answer. Blogs are very easy to start up these days, so it’s also a bit puzzling to imagine why anyone would want to write under our banner instead of blazing their own path. If you or anyone else still have a burning desire to write for Moe Sucks, I dunno, send me a sample and we’ll talk it over. Just have a thick skin and realize that any criticism is not personal.

Added: June 19, 2011

Are you really three people or are you just one person with multiple personality disorder?
There are really three of us, unfortunately. C’mon dude, we have totally different writing styles.

Added: June 5, 2011

Do you write anime reviews?
Most of the time? No, but you’re free to think whatever you’d like to think.

Added: May 16, 2011

You are horribly biased.
True objectivity is impossible. If you disagree, this might not be the blog for you, but feel free to stay anyway!

Originally published: November 30, 2010; last revised: July 27, 2011

Who’s responsible for this blog?
I (E Minor) maintain the site and also do most of the writing. Nyoro’n and Fin are technically contributors, but due to a lack of time, laziness, disinterest or some combination of the above, they almost never update.

Why dedicate a blog to hating moe?
I thought the title would be catchy. That’s it.

You might say that, but it seems like you’re really negative.
Boo hoo, people are voicing negative opinions about anime.

But why waste your time and effort into criticizing anime? Wouldn’t it be a better use of your time to watch and write about anime you actually like?
C’mon now, this isn’t exactly brain surgery. This is a blog about cartoons.

You’re not as smart as you think you are.
I never said I was.

So-and-so is a way better reviewer than you — or — So-and-so’s blog is so much more intelligent than yours.
Cool. I wish other bloggers the very best for their efforts.

You’re over-thinking it!
Yawn. Is that it?

Why do you update a lot for a certain stretch of time then disappear for another stretch?
This is just a hobby for me.

I posted a comment and it didn’t show up — what gives?
Akismet probably flagged it as spam. Maybe try being a little less spammy.

Another possibility is that I blocked you because all you do is post shit.