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This World is Corrupt: K-On!


What could possibly be worse than a show with no plot, no character development, and a double helping of dress-up objectification? Why, it’s the reaction of the fan “community” to said show!

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The Deceptions of Suzumiya Haruhi

Haruhi’s been on a pedestal for 3 years now. It has long been held as Kyoani’s ace in the hole: yeah yeah yeah, x anime is pretty good, but when the next season of Haruhi comes out, it’ll blow everything out of the water. Since when did Haruhi ever deserve such high praise and devout worship? When you really look at it, isn’t Haruhi just another goddamn harem with the same stock harem characters?

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This World is Corrupt: Saki

Hanamura-san, let's go to the nationals!What are perverted manchildren around the blogosphere saying about a cartoon? Why on earth would you want to know? I can’t help you with that second question, but here’s a bit about the first. (Also the site’s ‘About’ section has been updated with a brief introduction to my writing, if you have an opinion on anime, good or bad, you owe it to yourself to read it)

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Saki Sucks

SakagiRead all about the latest craze in Japanese childrens’ cartoons for people with no taste, Saki!

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My waifu~

That top 10 waifu stuff is just a joke right? Just tongue in cheek. Well, maybe, maybe not.