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Silver-haired lolis and the boys they haunt

The endless stream of Spring anime continues on. I still haven’t seen the first episode to every single anime this season. There’s just so many. Where were all of these anime during the snorefest of the winter season? Anyway, I finally got around to viewing the much anticipated Deadman Wonderland, but does another anime steal the show?

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Spring Anime, Premiere Episode Impressions: Part 1

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Life happened and the winter season wasn’t exactly captivating anyway (gonna finish Level-E but that’s about it). While this doesn’t mean that the spring season of anime will blow me away, but hey, the slate will be wiped clean and we can have a fresh start. With so many anime on the schedule, there’s gotta be a few diamonds in the rough, right?

Since I’ve only got one episode of each show to watch, there’s really not much to go on for a substantial post. I’ll just give some quick impressions. Let’s run through a few of them right now in no real order.

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