My Eyes

Just some quality anime and manga art for your perusal.

Impressive animation as always from Studio Deen.

She seems like a nice girl.


I can sword fight.

[C], part 1.

[C], part 2.

[C], part 3.

[C], part 4.

[C], part 5.

Faces of anime, part 8.

Clamp forever.

Awesome legs.

Faces of anime, part 1.

Faces of anime, part 2.

Sassy Sass-kay.

Some killer mahou shoujos.

One Piece looking good.

That’s a beefy man.

Faces of anime, part 3.


I have no mouth and I must scream.

A pair of cool sisters.

Heroic heroines.

I love meidos.

More heroines.

Another one strikes a pose.

Faces of anime, part 5.

Faces of anime, part 6.

(NSFW) More killer hentai.

(NSFW) Fapworthy.

Faces of anime, part 7.

Mechas of anime, part 1.

Super abs.


Extendo arms.

Anime stairs.

Uguu, bentos…

Thirst-quenching bishie.

Wow, you guys are tall…

Again, too tall for me.

Just some awesome manga art.

Uguu, tell me I’m cute…

See, that’s why you wear bras.

Is your back okay?

Dat physics.

Heh, catch this.

Awesome furniture.

Tiny heads.

Expressive heads.

Tall tennis player.


Adorable schoolgirl.

Clamp being Clamp.

Broken neck.

Tiny body.

No legs.

Too much leg.

Clamp again.

(NSFW) I don’t even know how to describe this.

(NSFW) Jesus Christ, that back.

Last updated: 11/30/2014