Anime Runway de Waratte Series

Runway de Waratte Ep. 8? Childish adults get even worse

Hoo boy, I feel like I’m watching one of those tearjerker K-dramas.

Anime Darwin's Game Everything Else Kabukicho Sherlock Series

Casual Friday Week 8: What’s in the box?

Oh god, what’s in the box?!

Anime Everything Else Hatena Illusion Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei Series

Thursday Leftovers Week 8: Deadbeat parents leave children to fend for themselves

The girls’ less than enthusiastic response to their father’s return pretty much says it all.

Anime Infinite Dendrogram Series

Infinite Dendrogram Ep. 7: Infinite exposition

Would it surprise you to know that after a week’s hiatus, we’re right back to eating and drinking our MMO lives away?

Anime Plunderer Series

Plunderer Ep. 8: Time to get serious!

But only after we get drunk. Priorities, people, priorities.