Anime Kyokou Suiri Series

Kyokou Suiri Ep. 7: Where’s the heart?

Right off the bat, we learn that Detective Terada has been murdered.

Anime My Hero Academia Series

My Hero Academia Ep. 82: Okay

I guess it’s okay if this arc isn’t all that exciting. I’ll be catching My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising next Friday, so that’ll make up for this… whatever this is.

Anime Darwin's Game Everything Else Kabukicho Sherlock Series

Casual Friday Week 7: Kaname the deal maker and Moriarty wants to have fun

As always, we’ll begin with Darwin’s Game

Anime Runway de Waratte Series

Runway de Waratte Ep. 7: Childish adults

Just shoot them all into the sun. Every single one of them. Yes, myself included.

Anime Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei Series

Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei Ep. 7: First world problems

Oh dear, the next episode of Infinite Dendrogram has been delayed due to the coronavirus.