Say What?

Like the title suggests, moments in anime (or manga) that make me go, “Say what?”

Dicks everywhere.

Kids these days are so precocious.

Bigotry in the family.

First time?

Corpses are not dead.

Wise advice.

And no means yes.

Everyone needs their daily dose of potassium.

American high schools in a nutshell.

Anakin Skywalker logic.


Kids are fucking stupid.

Modern romance.

As always, phrasing.

Race relations.

Race relations again.


The way to a girl’s heart.

Open up, this is the FBI.

Make her wet, she says.

Well, you can’t beat that.

Er, what?

Double what.

A baked what?

Dying equals dead.

Just Cross Ange things.

Once again, phrasing.

Bag of farts.

Don’t spill yourself.

An anime protagonist’s famous last words.

I knew someone would make this shitty joke one day.

Sweet name.


Pretty racist.

Yep, that sounds like anime.

Dogs with boobs.



When elephants fly.

Weiner envy.

What’s wrong with VLC?

Haha, I read 4chan too!

You don’t say.

Just once?

Can’t say subs aren’t descriptive.

Well, that’s just disturbing.

Who even cares?

Too late.

Sucking what now?

You’re just an expert, huh?

Are are are.

Thanks, subbers.

We must sub everything.

You can’t even spell it right.

Strange combination.

Oh, is that what they’re doing?

Gotta set the record straight.

What does that even mean?

That’s pretty rude of her.

Yep, the logic checks out.

I learned this lesson a long time ago.

Dream big, son.

Oh lord, I’m going to watch the reboot for this shit soon.

Yeah, naked girls are pretty overrated.

What a useless, not-so-useless bastard.

Freudian slip?

White goodness.

Mars’s Great Red Spot.

Who needs common sense?

No, probably not.

Phrasing, dude.

You too, buddy.

Ball-hungry freak.

Descriptive dialogue.

Sounds about right.

I’ve got 99 problems, but counting ain’t one.

Me me me me! I want to be a subber too!

Poor cats.

Bowling’s the devil’s pastime.

Well, at least you’re upbeat about it.

Behold the power.

Once again, tautologies are cool.

A man’s only friend.

Gotta look on the bright side of life.

This is going to take all night.

No wonder girls have back problems.

Dangerous fluids.

A surprising revelation.

Japanese guys have a way with words.

Sex-shaming at your local bookstore.

This is why they’re so coy about sex.

Great subs.

I’ve got it!

…no, I don’t got it.

Well, she’s technically right…

Yo, dats racist!

Gender identity is easy.

But I like mangoes…

Yes, yes it is.

Yes, yes it is!

A proper toast for every occasion.

You have to be polite.

So did the cops in Ferguson. What? Too soon?

Sorry, I just don’t see race.

They told me I could be whatever I wanted to be.

See, this is what happens when you let the gays marry.

It’s a slippery slope all the way down!

Just keepin’ it real.

The final frontier for otakus.

Those are some pretty beefy tits.

The new Oreo challenge.

God, I’m so tired of anime pushing milk on us!

The man who came up with this theory? Albert Einstein.

It’s the same with me.

Still legit, son.

I can’t put it away once I whip it out.

Seems legit.

Gotta set appropriate boundaries.

Trust me, I’m a boob expert.

Classic Brock.

It’s a curse.

Madden approved.

The dead don’t die, son.

Yeah, let’s not commit a crime.

Wake up dying.

Little penises.

I heard you like beams…

Kill her… but don’t kill her.

C-Can you really die from that?

Disappearing cheese.

C’mon, dude, get a-head of the game.

Just a pair of sexy chlorophylls out on the town.


I can’t even understand the logic here.

I, too, can pilot a cat.

Lots of eating around here.

ED problems.

Just guy things…

Anime teaching all that you need to know about human anatomy.

All I need are my gains.

Pickled plum.

Just let your bro take care of you.

Yeah, why?

Size problems.


This is a show about trains.

Wait, what are we talking about?

You’ll be my what?

I wonder what that hard object could possibly be.

Geez, don’t be such a demanding lover.

According to the average anime fan, apparently not.

Kagetane wants to show Rentaro there’s more to life than lolis.

It was just how people did things back then.

Call me the boob inspector.

One of the fundamental forces of the universe.

So what do you guys sell there?

Wow, so meta!

Thanks… for telling me…

Praise the Jif.


I’m just wondering…

With his hose!

Okay, I think we’re getting a bit carried away now.

Hopefully that’s just some spilled milk.

What? No, seriously, what?

I don’t even know how that would work.

You should meet the girl who won’t die even if you kill her.

Some things make no sense out of context.

I don’t think it works that way.

What an amazing power.

What a nice guy.

Juicy melons.

How selfish of you!

Yes, very gentlemanly.

Right. “Juices.”

C’mon, throw me a bone here.

Magical boobs.

Death is not so bad.

They must be granny panties.

Shark week is always crazy.

How kid friendly.

Rape is the name of my game.

Your brother’s what?

Yeah, that’ll teach you.

You would know, wouldn’t you?

This is getting rough.

I think I’ll do without.

Sounds reasonable.

Well, at least he was honest.

Lethal condiments.

I suppose that makes the desk sacred now, huh?

Calm down there, genius.

The truth finally hit you in the face, huh?

Cocaine is a helluva drug.

Please, do tell.

You heard me, shitlord.

Two friends, one shitty card game.

Bark bark.

Thanks, I make sure to marinate it.

I’ll pass, mate.

Some idiot tried to tell me today that Lynn Okamoto’s works are complex.

In fact, don’t forget to make some donations at the next food drive.

You can… you can open a woman’s flesh?

Aw shucks… now what am I going to do for fun later?

Dream big, girl… dream big.

Why am I not surprised?

Gotta say the girl’s got her priorities in order.

Meet our God.

Wow, that is hardcore.

Transmi– what now?

Fit into what, exactly?

Not with that attitude.

Wait, what kind of dance?


I’m told they don’t fart either.


Bro lessons.

Don’t go to bed constipated.

Gangsta with a capital “G.”

Tight dingoes.

Keep that pinky out.

Tautologies own.

Nihongo lessons.

There’s an opposite to everything.

Counter maneuvers!

Probing Uranus.

If there’s grass on the field….

A man once said “I have a dream….”

Losing my religion.

Where rape means hello.

Kill him harder.

Why don’t we have a seat over here?

I hear you can buy something for that sort of thing.

People get really mad about subs.

More nihongo lessons.

Men’s clothes just aren’t rewarding.

Happens a lot in shounens.

Anatomical lessons in anime.

Just two dollars.

And just for you too!

Jesus has never been so moe.

What does that sound like?


If only I had a keikaku.

This is why punctuation matters.

Don’t ruin a beautiful thing.

No, not there!

Shit rabbit.

That’s a stiff one.

A distant cousin of every shoujo’s favorite corm.


Why bother translating at all then?

I, too, appreciate considerate shavers.

Even anime is heteronormative!

No, seriously, why bother?

You don’t say…

You people are sick.

Why bother?

Don’t you people have standards?

A true pity.

Be honest, now.

Buddy, are you okay?

Well, it beats a bag of sand.

Brotherly love.

And this is mine.

Spinzaku is a slippery fella.

Someone’s mad.

Oozing goodness.


Be careful, it might fall off.

My dad told me this would come in handy.

What a casanova.


Safely in your pocket?

Dreams do come true after all.

Don’t hold back, buddy.

Big spoon finally becomes little spoon.

The best masturbation you’ve ever seen.

What’s with anime and balls?

See above.

Oh. Good to know.

You wouldn’t know cool if it hit you in the face.

Despite their heavy bones.

It’s tricky…

…but we’ll work on it together as a family.

More fun with translating.

…what would we do without these hard-working subbers?

Only alphas get the girl.

We’ll take the Spruce Moose.

Number one and number two priorities.

The next Malibu Stacy.

I hope he means the soda.

You’re both like boys with toys.

The fact that a dog is overseeing a wedding is the least disturbing thing about this image.

Just back away.

Say no more, ma’am.

Rock hard.

Pride tits.

Amateur subs are always superior to professional subs!

Yeah, you show them who’s boss!

You’ve been polishing my friend’s sword this entire time.

“Go wash your flash.”

Christmas is cancelled.

Only three?

A reasonable question.

Speak softly and carry a yaoi stick.

Profiteroles just don’t sound as sexy.

You’re a dick, Santa.


“Once a seen…”

Sankyu chu!

Well, that was easy.

( ゚Д゚)

A bird must always be a gentleman first, a fowl second.

Yes, yes, I know some of these words, mmhmm.

That’s fansubber humor for you.

Look all the Japanese words I know.

Getting killed is no big thang.

More of a “Wat?” pic than a “Say what?”

I love pickles.

You always need proper support.

Especially the big guy.

Grow up!

Don’t hold back.

Vee dee.

Just sex.

Good question.

Sticky liquid.

No need for meds.

“I love penguins.”

Just standard practice, actually…

Literally makes you say what.

Try telling this to ImoCho.

I…I don’t know. NSFW, by the way.

I never did!

Walking must be hard.

I don’t understand a thing about this screenshot.


Or you could just eat some fiber.

I’ve got jungle fever.

Sometimes words are unnecessary.

That’s racist.

Hitler finally gets to be blond.

I think I’ll pass.

Finally, confirmation that incest is a disease.

Just your average hobby.

Giddy… up?

Thanks for the warning, buddy.

I sincerely hope that’s your finger.

Are you “sure?”

How to sow your oats.

Makes sense to me.

I would hope not.

Miss Piggy is not going to be happy when she sees this…

…whoops, she’s busy too.

No wonder they’re too embarrassed to even hold hands in Japan.

How rude of me.

I really need to stop taking drugs.


Just another average day at the law office.

Again, just one of those screenshots that make you go “What?”

Do you still need a tip…?

The George Steinbrenner of anime.

Please go to your local shelter today and adopt a tank into your family.

Don’t go making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Ah yes, the dangers of balls-eating hair…

Don’t do that! That’s five to ten!

Let’s hope they’re not as big as one.

Uh, what?

I don’t think it works like that.

If you say so.

It’s good to be consistent.

God is such a bro.

So… what is it?

Um, I think I’ll do that on my spare time.

Please do.

No problemo, amigo.

Is this some sort of wartorn booty?

I chose to follow my dreams.

Uh, since when?

That seems a little scary.

Just another one of life’s great mysteries.

Calm down, Dahmer.

You can’t argue with that.

You shouldn’t use the R word.

Godwin’s Law strikes again.

Hammer her.

It’s a miracle.


That’s racist.

You used to call me on my cell phone.

Just need to get used to it.

Low maintenance.

Be honest.

Don’t say that about kids.

Really don’t say that about kids.

I hate it when that happens.

Oh, that’s where the ramen went.

Modern anime romance.


Phrasing again.

Phrasing x3.

RIP her inbox.

Taking a master class.

Not with that attitude.


At least she has enthusiasm.

But there’s a genre for that.

Thank god for that.

Kids grow up so fast.

Who knew panties were so deadly?

It takes lots of hard work.


Wait, what?


I hope she’s not talking about what I think she’s talking about.

That’s not where souls come from.

You can’t say that to the kid’s mom!

At least you can now be a soprano.

As an anime character, it was his only option.

Hit it and quit it.

It’s a battlefield in there.

It curves a bit to the right.

It’s deeper than you think.

Her mom should’ve gotten bigger boobs if she wanted her daughter to live.

Look, let’s focus on what’s important.

Lemme tell you about blockchains.


Weak pull out game.