Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Ep. 6: Obligatory beach episode

Obviously, we’re here for the ocean.

— It turns out Hana has decided to take a part-time job at the cafe as well, but sure, they’re just friends.

— I noticed this before, but I didn’t comment on it: Master has his employees hand out fresh towels to every customer. That’s pretty fancy for a cafe. In the US, I would only see that at pricey restaurants.

— Anyway, summer is coming up, so of course, Shinichi wants to stay home and play games. Hey, that sounds like a blast to me. The way I see it, once you become a working adult, you don’t get summer breaks anymore. As a result, you may as well spend your free time doing what you want. But this is anime, so we gotta have all the lame ol’ summer cliches. Y’know, head to the beach, smash watermelons, do some silly courage test, blah blah blah. The only thing we’re missing are sparklers.

— At the beach, Ami experiences a bit (read: a lot) of boob envy, but everything is exaggerated in anime. After all, Ami’s breasts are also ridiculously huge, and if you don’t think so, then you probably watch too much anime/porn.

— If you’re gonna drag a swimmer to the beach, then you shouldn’t be surprised if they take the opportunity to go swimming. Nevertheless, Ami gets on Shinichi’s case for doing exactly that, because she thinks he’s trying to be a loner all over again. Damn, it’s not that deep. He just wants to swim at the beach, woman. Chill out.

— Poor Shinichi then gets lectured about how he needs to protect Hana from potential predators. What if Hana can fend for herself? She doesn’t seem like the weak, dainty type. I mean, she is a bit of a tomboy.

— Ami also says that he has to compliment a girl’s bathing suit. When he says nice things about hers, he gets slapped. And when he says nice things about Hana, he gets shoved. Like I said, she’s a tomboy. Anyways, loners just can’t win, man. That’s why we coop up in our homes and just game.

Well, at least someone’s having a good time.

— During the smashing watermelon game, Shinichi and Hana get into a bit of a mishap. The sad part is that he just keeps groping and groping and groping, because when your blood going to your dick, fanservice doesn’t need to make sense. Only an idiot would mistake a boob for a watermelon.

— Eventually, everyone heads to Itsuhito’s summer home, and it doesn’t take much to impress our doofus duo.

— Once again, Shinichi wants to play games, but the group drags him outside into the dark. Apparently, he scares rather easily, and Hana immediately pounces on this weakness. But this isn’t like, “OMG, you totally jump-scared me! Damn you, Hana!” Instead, it seems like Shinichi actually does have a somewhat crippling fear of scary things. To Hana’s credit, she immediately stops the teasing and goes to comfort her friend. The other two, however… honestly, they seem like jerks to me here. They want Hana and Shinichi to hook up so badly that they act like he’s letting them down for having an actual phobia.

— Just earlier, Itsuhito goes on and on about how he just wants his buddy’s college life to be more fun, but it’s all subjective. Why does everyone have to have fun in the exact same way? If the guy is content with his life, then what’s the big deal? Sure, it isn’t a bad thing to encourage someone to step outside of their comfort zone, but these characters seem almost judgy at times. Don’t spend your time off doing what you like to do! Don’t go to the beach and swim by yourself! Don’t stay indoors when it’s super dark out!

— In the end, the only person who has energy left to game is Hana. Everyone else is all tucked out. Again, she wants to tease Shinichi, but she ends up becoming his body pillow for the night. So yeah, just friends.

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