A Certain Scientific Failgun


I haven’t seen To Aru Majutsu no Index, but it’s hard for me to believe that what the show really needed was a spinoff based on its most moe subplot.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is apparently going to be a kind of scifi K-on!, complete with a tsundere tsukkomi, an irrascible pervert, and an incompetent moeblob (I guess Saten will have to suffice as the show’s Mugi). I can’t imagine why they bothered to even base it off an action series except for the name recognition, judging from the first two episodes the setting and plot are going to be completely incidental.


Instead, Railgun is about 4 of the most familiar and boring stereotypes in anime wandering around a futuristic city and doing the most mundane things in the most moe way, and it will probably sell 50,000 DVDs. Why bother with crap like ‘plots’ and ‘themes’ when you can mix some slapstick with a little yuri, throw in a few pantyshots and call it a day?


Oh God, the panties. We’re two episodes into the show and we’ve seen twice as many pairs of underwear as we have characters. Is this really all it takes to entertain the average otaku these days? I could animate the Victoria’s Secret catalogue and make a mint. Just draw half the models crying and the other half blushing and all of them as 14 year olds.


The only thing holding my attention is Kuroko’s voice. I don’t follow seiyuu but whoever assigned her character that nasal lilt and haughty speech pattern is a genius. Obviously though one good VA can’t redeem an entire series, rather than a diamond in the rough it’s more of a skittle in the shit. Maybe tasty in a different context, but utterly incapable of making the whole package edible.


This show is everything that is wrong with anime. It’s shallow, pointless, and lewd in the most depressing way. Even if you enjoyed the original, it’s quite possible that this will not be your cup of tea. Watch Railgun if you like little cartoon girls in their underwear and you don’t care who knows.

8 thoughts on “A Certain Scientific Failgun

    1. The Fin Post author

      E Minor set it back to only requiring a name and email, but he still disables comments on his posts because he got tired of reading them. Mine are free-fire zones though.

  1. LoliHat

    Misaka was the best character from Index. If they had just made this like Index except the entire show centered around Misaka, then it would have been good…instead they went for lesbian laughs…

    1. The Fin Post author

      I just today decided to watch Index and I haven’t gotten to her yet, so no spoilers! And unfortunately I think that what K-on! and Saki proved is that lesbian laughs sell, so we’ll probably be seeing more of them before we see fewer.

  2. 2DT

    You know, I actually like this show. I mean, not unreservedly so, of course, but it’s quite entertaining. I’ll be posting something about Railgun tomorrow, so please look forward to it.

    When I was younger, it was something of a revelation to me that women wear fancy underwear because they want to FEEL sexy, not necessarily because they want to look sexy to anyone else. So I have mixed feelings about Kuroko’s collection. On one hand, I want to say it’s nice, like, “You go girl, work those fishnets!” But on the other hand… well, who’s watching this show, after all?

    1. The Fin Post author

      What really pisses me off about Railgun is how much potential I see being wasted. The show has a cool scifi setting with psychic powers and magic all set up by the original series, it’s being done by J.C. Staff, who can animate the hell out of a cartoon, and it’s got a cool kind of techno-Hogwarts thing going on. They could take it in all kinds of directions and with some solid writing it would be very watchable, but if the first two episodes are any indication it’s going to be a plotless fanservice wank. I’m eager to be proved wrong, but the entire second episode was about Kuroko’s lesbian rape plots and underwear collection, so my hopes grow dim.

      And yeah my real issue with the underwear collection was the audience. Highschool girls can wear what they want and even show it off to their friends, but when a mostly adult audience is given an all-access pass to the show it gets creepy.

  3. lelangir

    I saw more X-Men than Harry Potter, but yeah, I get that. Potential, eh. Me thinks the yuri is funny. Maybe JC Staff can acquire enough capital from their moe cancer that they’ll start a venture capital fund for Risky Anime ie Good Anime.

    The actual Index show seemed like the dumbest crap ever. Especially the lead faggot.

    1. The Fin Post author

      The main character of Index is as boring as every other anime main character with spiky black hair who’s depressingly average in every way. In fact that’s his supernatural power, being boring. He just sucks all the fun out of everyone else’ psychic abilities or magic spells. That said, at least Index is had a plot. Railgun so far is just a series of jokes where all the punchlines are ‘Kuroko is gay for Mikoto’.


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