Kiddy GiRL -AND: Worst Anime of the Season


I’ve used all kinds of words to describe the fall 2009 lineup: “wasteland”, “mega-generic”, “insipid”, “hackneyed”. Yes, the competition was fierce, but finally the wait is over. The winner has arrived.

I wish I could name some deep thematic issue that set Kiddy GiRL -AND apart from the pack, but honestly it was carried to victory not by the quality of its sins but by the quantity. Even the name is transcendently terrible; the unnecessary punctuation, the alternating capital letters.


Then there’s the main character. Squeaky voice in high C? Check. Crippling mental retardation? Check. Extreme lack of balance? Check? Maid outfit? Check. Bloomers? Wait, how can you be wearing bloomers and a maid uniform?


Well that just seems like cheating. I can’t remember her stupid name but it’s also some terrible transliterated French crap, gave me a flashback to Marimite and when I came to I was halfway through eating my copy of The Little Prince. Other incredible names, and mind you this is after only one episode, include Eclair and a pair of siblings named Tweedledee and Tweedledum. There is also some burly transsexual.


As this picture hints, the theme of the series seems to be underwear. What’s odd is that beyond the bloomers already shown, there are actually no panty shots, but the entire episode revolves around the main character not wearing underwear (which, it’s worth noting, she is actually too retarded to notice at first). There’s something sad about an anime that wants so bad to take on the issue of panties but is restrained by draconian Japanese TV regulations from actually depicting them.


Tenchi fuckin Muyo dressed up its fanservice better than this show. The first minute or two of the episode has spaceships and shit and later on there’s a fight with a robot dragon, but not one single bit of it is explained. I don’t know why there’s a “director”, what they direct, why there is a space station, why people seem to have magical powers, etc., and I have absolutely no desire to find out. Kiddy GiRL -AND eschews frivolties such as backstory and plot to put the focus completely on the underwear, which would be pretty bad if there were actually any underwear to see, but since there aren’t is just pathetic. I can’t imagine what kind of sub-moronic cretin would possibly enjoy this show. My sincere consolations to this season’s runner-up, Shin Koihime Musou.

Just as a caveat; I haven’t yet actually seen Sora no Otoshimono yet because E Minor made it sound so bad that I was worried about another blackout. So a potential challenger there.

20 thoughts on “Kiddy GiRL -AND: Worst Anime of the Season

  1. hashi

    I disagree about the season — several entertaining shows, for me — but I agree wholeheartedly about this show: really, really bad. The same director’s Uta-kata was an excellent show, in my opinion. But nothing he has done since has appealed to me at all.

    On the other hand, I liked the first six episodes of season one of Koihime Musou: camp can be fun. And Sora no Otoshimono is actually okay. It has something going for it, despite the premise. Of course, moe is not a swear word, for me.

    1. The Fin Post author

      I can’t believe Wakamoto did the intro, I heard that crazy rolling ‘r’ and thought to myself “Well, how bad can this be? They’ve got Wakamoto!”. But it was a trap…

  2. KizukuKanshi

    Well I didn’t watch it because I hadn’t watched the other show Kiddy Grade, (they’re related, I assume.) But honestly, I really think you would hate Sora no Otoshimono more. This show seems kind of random, but I think that Sora no Otoshimono would probably have you in seizures by the second episode, based on the traits that you’ve named that you hate in anime. The only points of interest in the show are the angel’s hairstyle and the “grant any wish” aspect of the show, (which would be more interesting if the main character wasn’t a stereotyped pervert with an EXTREMELY GRATING voice.)

    1. The Fin Post author

      Yeah I was going to do a longer post about stuff this season that was so bad I couldn’t even finish the first episode but I figure that the blogosphere has had enough of me going after anime’s low-hanging fruit. I’ll just spare myself the aggravation of Otoshimono et al..

  3. Silver

    How about giving the second episode a chance? Apparently some people had found the first episode terrible but found the 2nd episode good. Beside, the original Kiddy Grade was pretty bad until around episode 6 before it got really good. Perhaps KiddyGirl-and had the worst 1st episode of the season but is it really the worst anime of the season?

      1. Silver

        Stupid like the first episode of the original series. However, I was rather new to anime during that time so I was really tolerant with stuff and gave it a couple episodes which it got progressively better and finally it became much better by episode 9. Since this series is directed by Keiji Gotoh, there seems to be a pattern in how he does thing which was also shown in Uta Kata. Somehow the first episode is somehow just either really boring or just stupid but it gets progressively better. Therefore, I pretty much expect a story coming soon. That’s one I hope everyone is willing to give it a try before just bashing it right away.

  4. Silver

    To add, you ask why they have this and that and don’t understand. Perhaps you ever thought because you have not watched the first season?

    1. The Fin Post author

      There’s no context a previous season can put the show in that would make this one suck less. It’s indefensibly stupid to the point that watching it makes me feel like the director is trying to insult the audience. Anime in general would be better if people stopped making excuses for shows like this and started talking about whether or not we can charge the people responsible with some kind of crime.

  5. E Minor

    I finally saw this and Ascoeur talks like a moe Lil Jon.

    “Ascoeur, can you bring us some coffee?”


    “I asked if you could bring us some coffee?”


    “Could you bring us some coffee?”


    Anyway, I don’t like it, but I don’t think it’s as bad as Shin Koihime Musou.

  6. Silver

    Actually it feels like everyone is trying to find some reason to bash a show when they only watched the first episode. Now, give every series at least a couple episode before making any assertions. Wouldn’t that be a good idea? Or is watching the first episode and throwing it away right away just because it does not live up to any expectations an excellent way?

    Not only that, putting up screen shots of the worst part of the episode then saying how much it sucks is not really a good comparison to the other part of the series. I could put up screen shots about people getting killed and say that this movie is only about killing people when it’s not all about that.

    1. E Minor

      Now, give every series at least a couple episode before making any assertions. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

      It’s also a waste of time. Seriously, it’s a 12 episode series and they couldn’t even deliver in the first episode. Every season, there are a ton of new anime. Speaking for myself, I don’t have time to give every show a second or third chance. Twenty or so minutes on the clock is plenty of time in my opinion to deliver an interesting episode.

      So we didn’t like it and, in your opinion, we didn’t give it a fair chance. I’m sure there are plenty of blogs out there that can fulfill your expectations.

  7. Silver

    If you are relying on ANN to say that it’s 12 episodes, you might want to be careful. ANN tends to get that wrong anyway.

    1. E Minor

      12, 24, even a billion doesn’t really matter. It’s the first episode. First impressions are supposed to be good.

  8. Pete

    I almost finished this show and I actually watched Kiddy Grade a few years ago. In my opinion this anime is terrible. I mean when I heard that there would be a sequel I had such high hopes. And the trailer proved to be really interesting. Now this show is quiet different not to mention the main character Ascouer or what. Her voice is extremely annoying. Besides I was interested in what happened to other characters from the prequel. well nothing, not a single word about them. So yeah this show really bad. Sorry

  9. SpawnedInHell

    Even if every single subsequent episode were of epic proportions, I could not stand to listen that Ascouer’s voice another second. Besides, how can a take seriously a show with a dumbass female lead named, essentially, Oscar?

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