Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000% Ep. 2: Going Full Speed Ahead 1000%

I think about you day and night, it’s only right…

So, I’ve decided to take up the noble job of writing about this train wreck of an anime.

Righto, before we get down to business, let me tell you how forgettable this anime is. I forgot the name of the anime after I watched it. That’s usually not a good sign, but let’s walk down this road, I don’t know where it goes, but it’s the one that I’ve ever known.

The first half of the anime teaches us how to adopt fake identities to escape the crazies:

The second half of the anime teaches us that love is an underpaid worker responsible for countless works of art:

That’s about it.

17 thoughts on “Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000% Ep. 2: Going Full Speed Ahead 1000%

  1. a bystander

    I knew this couldn’t be from E Minor when I noticed the picture:words ratio was a little off…

    1. Nyoro~n :3 Post author

      When you spend most of your day writing programs and then writing documentation for your programs, sometimes the last thing you want to do is write a review for a bad anime. Sometimes… you just want hiimdaisy or one of those awesome artists. Sometimes… you just want to vent with a mouse and MS paint. Sometimes… you just wanna shout. Sometimes… you get me.

      TL;DR: deal w/ it

      TL;SDR: all in fun

              1. Nyoro~n :3 Post author

                That’s not what Left 4 Dead told me:

                The matriarchy has protected The patriarchy!

                In the heat of the battle:

                The matriarchy has killed The patriarchy!

    1. Nyoro~n :3 Post author

      Oh, I agree. We can learn many life lessons from this anime. I already gleaned two lessons in the second episode! Imagine how many more there’s to be gleaned!!!

  2. V

    You don’t need to be able to read music? Well, cripes! Who knew going to music school would require more than just being able to write a decent ballad! Who knew there would be classes in music production, vocal technique, the music business itself, and hours upon hours of theory! (My friend did music at high school… She had to analyse Jerry Lee Lewis songs in her exam with the jargon that is music theory. :/)

    This is why UtaPri is one of my favourite shows this season. :D The show could take place at any school, but Saotome is just ten times more fabulous. It’s going to be pure gold.

    I love the little comics too. :)

    1. Nyoro~n :3 Post author

      Thanks for your comment!

      I felt the need to comment on the character’s lack of musical knowledge–I’d assume at a musical school, you would have some basic knowledge of reading, writing, and composing music. However, in the world of anime, anything is possible with the power of love and determination (and sometimes with the power of friendship).

    1. Nyoro~n :3 Post author

      I agree, I just noticed that this was a reverse harem for the PSP.

      I hope there’s more interesting lessons!!!

  3. Emily Trace

    LOL so true, I just watched the first ep, because it heard it was a reverse-harem school setting where romance is forbidden. Sounds interesting, right? WRONG. Not only was it so full of the worst anime-cliches I could barely focus, but the heroine is THE most vacant, boring, stereotype of all time. I had NO sympathy when she couldn’t play the piano, I was like “but you’re in music school! HOW can you not read music? OHHH I see, you have some charmingly underprivileged background story that makes up for your complete lack of basic accountability.” I’m not surprised she was so freaked out at the idea of writing music actually, have you ever encountered a less imaginative heroine with less individuality?
    I was sooo mad that I wasted my time watching this crap that I immediately googled “uta no prince SUCKS” to get rid of this frustration. The amount of annoying characters they introduced reached critical levels, and the ONLY thing that interested me vaguely was the guy at the end who basically tells this annoying girl to fuck off and leave him alone. Thanks for the visual aids! WTF is up with her eyes? It’s like they made dead, inhuman eyes to reflect how utterly unrealistic her character is.


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