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Let there be Shoujo

I’m (provisionally) back after a murderously long hiatus, and I figured I’d take some time to talk about something I actually enjoy rather than just trashing whatever’s hot at the moment (although K-On!!’s time is nigh, for sure). And what I like, after a long week, is to sit down in Barnes & Nobles with some horribly rich cafe food, a Diet Coke and the first generic Viz manga with ‘Shojo Beat’ written on the spine that catches my eye.

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The Legend of Koizumi: a Political Primer for Anime Nerds

Reform Without Wasted Draws- The Legend of Koizumi might be my favorite show of the season, even though so far it’s only a five or six minute long OAV. It’s not an especially deep political satire, but I thought I would take a post to enlighten the filthy gaijin in the audience about some of the basic politics of modern Japan. I’ll try to make it interesting even if you’re someone who cares more about cartoons than economics. Continue reading

So I Guess Trapeze Is Over

The title might seem a little nonchalant to those of you who read my earlier impressions of Trapeze/Kuuchuu Buranko, in which I all but drooled over the prospect of an anime with grown-up characters and themes (as opposed to highschool love triangle or magical crystal adventure (or magical high school crystal love triange)). But as E Minor pointed out recently, Trapeze might not have been the worst anime of the season, but it was the most disappointing.

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