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Usagi Drop Ep. 3: A parent’s sacrifice

Daikichi wonders whether or not he should make career sacrifices in order to raise Rin.

This episode deals somewhat with the double standards facing Japanese women in the workforce. Continue reading

The Great Happiness Space

Issei and the title screen

“My dream is… to marry Issei.” — The girl in a white dress, a frequent customer of host clubs

Tonight, I watched a fascinating documentary about male hosts and the women who seek these men’s services. I provide excerpts as well as scant commentary in hopes that others will be interested in watching the documentary for themselves.

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No histrionics necessary

So I won’t add anything extra to this post nor open it up for comments. If you were thinking about donating to charity organizations to help Japan in its crisis, but still haven’t gotten around to it for some reason, here are some links from a forum I loosely follow:

Those looking to donate via SMS can donate $10 by texting:

REDCROSS to 90999 (American Red Cross)
JAPAN to 50555 (GlobalGiving)
JAPAN to 20222 (Save the Children)
MED to 80888 (International Medical Corps)

You can also just click the links if you want to donate a different amount.