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Horror Month: Marebito

What’s a better way to kick off the start of October than a series of posts on Japanese horror?

Live Action TV Dramas

Ouran High School Host Club (drama) Ep. 1: A little creepier

A bit of a belated post if only because there seems to be a dearth of anime this past week.

Anime Arakawa Under the Bridge Series TV Dramas

The Normalization of Arakawa Under the Bridge

Well, what do you know — there’s a live drama adaptation of “Arakawa Under the Bridge.”

Live Action Movies Tokyo Sonata

Tokyo Sonata

A 2008 film by Kurosawa Kiyoshi

I’ll never forget the first time I was evaluated in graduate school. I was told that I asked good questions, but I wasn’t as ready or prepared to give good answers. A lot of suburban family dramas are the same way.

Documentary Japanese Society Live Action The Great Happiness Space

The Great Happiness Space

Issei and the title screen

“My dream is… to marry Issei.” — The girl in a white dress, a frequent customer of host clubs

Tonight, I watched a fascinating documentary about male hosts and the women who seek these men’s services. I provide excerpts as well as scant commentary in hopes that others will be interested in watching the documentary for themselves.