The Normalization of Arakawa Under the Bridge

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Arakawa Under the Bridge *2 Ep. 10: Holy muscles, Batman!

I recently tried to watch Dragon Ball Kai for nostalgic reasons, but it got pretty boring. The tenth episode of Arakawa really had me laughing though despite being so similar.

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A Flood of El Nino

I’m still following Arakawa Under the Bridge‘s 2nd season (Arakawa Under the Bridge *2 to be exact), but it isn’t with the same gusto as with the first season. Why’s that?

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Arakawa Under the Bridge Ends

And like a lot of Shaft shows, the gimmick wore thin by the end, but at least their stories typically wrap up around here.

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Trauma & Play At Work in Arakawa Under the Bridge

“Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.” — Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery

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