Arakawa Under the Bridge *2 Ep. 10: Holy muscles, Batman!

I recently tried to watch Dragon Ball Kai for nostalgic reasons, but it got pretty boring. The tenth episode of Arakawa really had me laughing though despite being so similar.

The crew under the bridge had to lose some weight for their trip to Venus. Sister takes a few of them to go train, including the two brothers. Here were the results:


And when Tetsuo picks a fight with Stella now that he’s super strong, all the shounen tropes are there.

They power up. They change forms. And somehow, it’s all more entertaining than Dragon Ball Kai. Tetsuro decided to power up too to stop his brother.

The fact that both brothers look like overgrown diglett just made it all the funnier.

It’s too late to stop the train, but Nino isn’t interesting. Arakawa should just stick to comedy. Tetsuro absorbing his brother’s manjuice makes a disgusting ending though.

Your moment of zen:

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