Star Driver Ep. 11

Star Driver is tolerable when it’s silly and wacky and all that shit. Half of this episode is all about some depressing blonde maid. That’s her sister in the screenshot above. If you couldn’t tell by her croissant hair, they’re French.

I damn near fell asleep, but thank God the fight scene came at the usual time.

Takuto: “Aw shit, I’m trying to eat here.”

Blonde maid tries to team her neon cybody with her boytoy. Like usual, they get the upper hand, but there’s one “significant” change this episode:

Wako’s been trying all this time to keep it to herself, but Sugata throws caution to the wind and lends Takuto his pillar. Scandalous!

AKA easy victory. So easy, both Sugata and Wako lost their faces. Man, did the animation budget drop all of a sudden.

So yeah, that’s the episode… Star Driver — repetitive anime or most repetitive anime?!

8 thoughts on “Star Driver Ep. 11

    1. E Minor Post author

      Less talky, more hipthrustin’ and cybody fighting please. I simply just don’t care about the characters.

  1. adaywithoutme

    I was really annoyed by the sheer stupidity of the bandaging of the French girl’s head – she’s still got her hair! WTF.

    In other news, I get annoyed for totally unreasonable reasons.

      1. adaywithoutme

        I actually don’t like croissants.

        I also just realized that Colbert doesn’t have any glasses on in that second picture and its really freaking me out.

  2. Taka

    That was when Colbert was still on the Daily Show.

    Also: Star Driver: repetitive anime.

    We all know what the MOST repetitive anime is.


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