A Guide to Volleyball

Is that a ball? Is that sand? Do we have bodacious babes too?! I think I see beach volleyball! But fret not, pale-skinned, girth-endowed otaku. Thanks to the power of anime, volleyball is as easy as 1 2 3!

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Star Driver Ep. 17: I missed nothing.

The anime was no Gurren Lagann before, but it looked nice. Looked. This is what I came back to:

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Star Driver Ep. 12 & 13

I take a two week holiday break from anime watching and Star Driver hasn’t changed a damn bit.

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Star Driver Ep. 11

Star Driver is tolerable when it’s silly and wacky and all that shit. Half of this episode is all about some depressing blonde maid. That’s her sister in the screenshot above. If you couldn’t tell by her croissant hair, they’re French.

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Star Driver Ep. 10: Hipshake

This video doesn’t exist

It’s our favorite ginga bishounen. Dance, Takuto, dance. It’s the only reason we tune in every week.

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