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A Guide to Volleyball

Is that a ball? Is that sand? Do we have bodacious babes too?! I think I see beach volleyball! But fret not, pale-skinned, girth-endowed otaku. Thanks to the power of anime, volleyball is as easy as 1 2 3!

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Is Usui a pick up artist?

Episode 14 was kinda lame. We have a little gender reinforcement here, a little absurdity there (hypnotism? really?). I’m not gonna bother going in-depth into a single episode like this. Let’s talk, instead, about an interesting charge written against the anime.

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Maid-sama’s Filler Episodes

Life is full of distractions. Between the World Cup, the NBA finals, finding a cheap apartment in San Francisco, summer classes and so on, I haven’t really bothered with blogging. To be honest anyway, while there are good shows this season, I’m not dying to watch any of them when things get hectic around me; after eight hours on campus and another hour on the goddamn 405, I just want to sleep. Shrug. Let’s get to the last anime I saw.

Maid-sama! is still rolling along and I think this is a mistake.

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Breaking down Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

I finally caught up with all the released episodes of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and it has honestly exceeded my expectations. The premise sounded so trashy, but it has been a decent shoujo comedy. Let’s go over what I have and have not enjoyed thus far, although with nine episodes into the anime, I don’t think it’s going to be drastically changing its stripes anytime soon.

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What is it with women and second place?

I pondered this question during Misaki’s mini-speech to Usui on the rooftop of the school in the first episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Here’s how it goes:

You were always running ahead of me with ease, even though I’m frantically running with all my breath. And then run facing backwards while calling out to me. I really hate losing, and it was so vexing losing to you that it pisses me off. But this time you were running forward and helped me out. Just you wait. I’ll definitely overtake you and it’ll be my turn to worry about you.

She’s in second place apparently. In fact, she relegates herself to the lower position when nothing in the first episode at all suggested that Usui was superior to her other than looking indifferently cool (probably because he avoids wearing the nasty combination of a lime-green blazer and yellow pants/skirt). But why? First, a little context.

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