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The Obligatory Summer 2018 Anime Preview Post

Yeah, this is super late, but let’s take a quick survey of the upcoming shows.  Continue reading

Here’s a low effort post about the fall season

i like anime

I was gonna start playing through the Kingdom Hearts games, because I’ve honestly never touched any of them before. Why has it taken me so long to touch the series? Well, c’mon. We’re talking about the unholy combination of Disney and Nomura. That sounds terrible on paper. Disgusting. But I’m a stupid dummy who will probably buy Kingdom Hearts 3 when it comes out in fifty bajillion years, so I thought I may as well try to force myself through the first two games. That was the idea, anyway. But now I’m procrastinating. I’m trying to put off playing those games as long as I can. So much so that I’m literally writing this post as a way to procrastinate. It turns out my revulsion to the idea of Kingdom Hearts is so strong, it’s driven me back to blogging. Amazing!  Continue reading