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[C] Ep. 6 & 7: Who’s behind the wheel?

So Kimimaro has to fight this… thing at the end of the sixth episode. Looks kinda like an RPG end boss — maybe Seymour from Final Fantasy X even.

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Tiger & Bunny 6, Hanasaku Iroha 6, & [C] 4

(found this on Fandom!Secrets)

Every season, I usually have one show I devote a lot of thinking and writing to. For this current season, that show is Ano Hana. For the rest, I usually just write a couple of short impressions; this post is for those said impressions. I’ll be covering the latest episodes of Tiger & Bunny, Hanasaku Iroha, and [C] after the jump.

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Silver-haired lolis and the boys they haunt

The endless stream of Spring anime continues on. I still haven’t seen the first episode to every single anime this season. There’s just so many. Where were all of these anime during the snorefest of the winter season? Anyway, I finally got around to viewing the much anticipated Deadman Wonderland, but does another anime steal the show?

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