The issue with adaptations: we’re asking the wrong question

People are mad over this lame villain turning into a hamster.

Whenever we talk about adaptations, people will always ask whether or not the source material is superior. This strikes me as, well, the wrong question to ask in the first place. Continue reading “The issue with adaptations: we’re asking the wrong question”


Defining Cyberpunk and Steins;Gate

The cyberpunk world is always shockingly recognizable—it is our world, gotten worse, gotten more uncomfortable, inhospitable, dangerous, and thrilling. — Rosenthal

Recently, the anime community has labeled Steins;Gate as cyberpunk or post-cyberpunk. But hold on a minute now — before we crown the king, putting it up there with the likes of Neuromancer, Blade Runner and Japan’s own Ghost in the Shell, we must answer one question: what is cyberpunk?

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