My reaction while watching The Sacred Blacksmith…

Holy shit dat katana!
Holy shit dat katana!

Hey everybody, this is Nyoron, I’m sure you all missed me! Today, I will just update with a short post about The Sacred Blacksmith, nothing long really.

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A Certain Scientific Railgun Update: Still Bad

At first I was like:


But then I was like:


Another episode of railgun about eating sweets and girl on girl crushes and wacky antics, whoo. For a second there before the OP animation I thought the show had developed a story, but nope. Railgun remains K-on! with psychic powers instead of instruments. It’s always hilariously pathetic when bloggers insinuate that they will ‘drop’ a show if changes aren’t made, as though that was a threat with some kind of weight, but no matter how well-animated it is or how interesting the setting this show is not going to be worth watching without a plot.