Canaan Ep. 1

Raki suta~!

Raki suta~!

Okay, that wasn’t bad. It feels like a moe Black Lagoon.

Apparently, it is based on a Wii video game and it’s being produced by P.A. Works. I’ve never heard of them before so a quick look on ANN shows they’ve only produced one other TV anime, True Tears, which was… okay as far as insipid high school romances go. Good stuff so far are the top notch animation and a storyline that doesn’t seem stupid… yet. While the animation is technically good, however, I would say that it isn’t very stylistically impressive. Compare it to something like Bakemonogatari, which oozes style and flair. A lot of people don’t like what Shaft does; they think it’s pretentious or whatever, but when every anime looks the same nowadays, what’s wrong with a little panache?

Puff the magic dragon on acid?!

As for the bad, the anime throws you straight into the middle of a story. We’re introduced to at least five groups of people we know nothing about over the course of 20+ minutes. If storytellers wanna throw you into the thick of things right away, something exciting should happen, but we had to wait till the last minutes for some (slightly over the top) shoot out. Some weird synesthesia power is introduced too as well as some weird psychic sister link. Great.

lol ok

As for the ugly, I love how the crowd hardly reacts to people going crazy around them or even gunshots. Oh, I know the anime tries to explain it away with the “maybe they’re ignoring it on purpose” line from Mino, but it’s still a little too convenient. Oh and next week’s preview had this.



Fin: ok everyone create a theory wrt the plot
Fin: mine is that the snakes, the CIA and the la le lu le lo are all fighting over the self-diagnosed synesthesiac furries
Fin: but they only want to exploit them! canaan and her retard photographer ?sister? protect them with gunz and moe

Yeah, you do that Fin. Let’s see, wiki says Canaan is some ancient strip of land that encompasses modern-day Israel and Lebanon so I figure some silly biblical references later on. Oooh, if they wanna be contemporary, maybe even some political statement on the current conflict in Gaza! Yeah, I’m being facetious. We’ll see where this goes.

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