Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ep. 2

Rena! You came back!

Take a drink every time a character pulls off the ol’ crazy eyes.


Yup, this is why I’m following When Seagulls Cry. Don’t get me wrong–this isn’t a great show. It could be a lot worse–it could be Kanamemo–but I’m definitely not watching this because it’s deep or intelligent or any other nonsense.  Higurashi was just plain hilarious; Mion’s (Shion’s?) ladder shaking scene was the best and I’m hoping for more of that from Seagulls.

At its core, Seagull’s just a blatant ass copy of Higurashi in tone and execution (what’s worse–“uuuu~” or “hauuu~”). You could even argue that 07th Expansion is rehashing the same way Bee Train rehashed with Phantom and Noir, but if most otaku are whores for moe and emo main characters with unlimited potential, I love mysteries and, yes, even bad one. Sure, there’s always potential that Seagulls screws itself in the end just like Higurashi’s second season and when it starts heading down that direction, I’ll stop watching.

1 thought on “Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ep. 2

  1. DinahLiddell

    You really need to read the visual novels of both series. I’m pretty sure it’ll change your mind about Seagulls.


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