Anime Canaan Geijutsuka Art Design Class Series

Canaan Ep. 2 & Geijutsuka: Art Design Class

Probably the only exciting part about the whole episode.

For an action series, Canaan is so unexciting–where’s the adrenaline?

The payoff of this episode, the showdown between Canaan and the uzi-toting old man, just kinda ended before it even got started. As for the convoy battle scene, it probably has one of the worst animated explosions in recent anime history.

Canaan tries to add intrigue but constantly fumbles by cutting to characters we know nothing about nor have any reason to care about. I wonder if the game is the same way: incredibly dull exposition done through cryptic conversations and like two minutes of anything happening. I hate how an anime being purposefully obtuse somehow counts as being deep.

Finally, I just don’t understand the random tone shifts from mysterious organizations and dangerous viruses to, uh, a wild car chase while singing along to some idol song. Every time it felt like Canaan was about to get interesting, it pulls out a lame gag. Why am I not surprised that the anime blogging community thinks the taxi cab driver is a blast?


Oh yeah, we also watched Geijutsuka: Art Design Class.


It was such a snooze fest (like watching paint dry, ho ho ho), I decided that it didn’t need its own entry. I suppose it knows more about drawing than K-ON! ever did about music, but I’m having trouble mustering up any ‘give-a-flying-damn.’ It suffers from the same problem that every other slice-of-life show has: why do I wanna watch high school girls live their incredibly unrealistic high school lives? I read some recent article on another blog defending shows like this. To him, shows like GA represents a love of childhood. That sounds valid and all, but honestly, neither GA nor similar shows (e.g. Azumanga, K-ON!) seem like anything I’ve ever experienced or heard about. It’s not that I want anime to be taken more seriously so I dislike series like GA; I just don’t get the appeal in watching innocent schoolgirls living their innocent, carefree lives that I can hardly relate to. Besides the fact that GA is cute, what else does it have going for it?

Nyoro~n: this anime is about 30 minutes [of] nothing

But not all of us hated it.

Fin: It’s got some of the charm of Hidamari but it’s a lot more neurotic. Honestly I’ll keep watching it as long as it doesn’t lose quality or try to get all serious.
Fin: the ADD style is actually kinda endearing but the retard moe and loli art style do wear you down

Personally, I’ll pass.

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