Princess Lover & Canaan

Quick recaps edition because I’m feeling lazy.

Princess Lover, Ep. 3

Paizuri in my anime? It's more likely than you think.Gratuitous.To borrow a 'friend's' words: "visibly rolling my eyes."

Nyoro~n wrote an amusing entry on this show so I kept watching just out of morbid curiosity… but I think I’ve about reached my limit (just in time for the megatsundere twintails to have a change of heart too, woo!). Serious severe lack of Alfred the butler. He was the only redeeming thing about Princess Lover. Dropped.

Canaan, Ep. 3


More gratuitous fanservice, check.

Retarded moe.

More Maria childishness, check.

Pew pew.

Me yawning at yet another Canaan episode, check. Every episode has been 20 minutes of vague, behind-the-scenes machinations and 3 minutes of unexciting action.  Here’s my beef with Canaan: I was somewhat favorable of the first episode because I thought it started off on the right foot. It had nice production values, was moderately intriguing and the action was okay. The next couple of episodes, however, don’t ramp things up enough. Never mind hitting top gear–Canaan is still in the same gear it started with in the first episode. I’m waiting to be blown away and I just don’t feel the excitement. Oh yeah, other blogs goes on and on about how funny this series is. Seriously? Where? Dropped.

Are Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (despite everything I’ve said about it) and Bakemonogatari really the only new shows worth following this summer?

4 thoughts on “Princess Lover & Canaan

  1. hashi

    Aoi Hana is the best show, if you can accept yuri relationships. Great animation and backgrounds, subtle writing and direction, fascinating voices, and characters that have real feelings. No action whatsoever. Minimal fanservice. Minimal moe.

    Maybe you won’t agree, since I like Princess Lover, Canaan, Kanamemo, and Sora no Manimani, too, as well as Bakemonogatari. But Aoi Hana and Tokyo Magnitude 8 are the cream of the crop, for me.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I wasn’t a fan of Aoi Hana after the first episode, but it probably doesn’t look too bad in retrospect considering the rest of the summer’s anime. As for Sora no Manimani, the first episode was just kinda unremarkable and underwhelming, but I guess it wasn’t bad.

      1. psgels

        I also don’t think that this season is bad, as long as you like slice of life. There’s Aoi Hana, Taishou Yakyuu Musume, GA Art Design, Umi Monogatari and Sora no Manimani’s second episode was much better than the first as well. If you find slice of life too boring… yeah, then I guess that this season is a bit disappointing.


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