Battle, battle! Battler-kun!


Battle-ready Battler-kun! Prepare to battle with battling spirit!


Battle your technicolor looks!


Battle that retarded hat! Battle Maria back into Touhou and then go over to K-ON! and battle Mio’s hat too!


Battle this insufferable wench for her lack of battle spirit when her mom so valiantly battled Beatrice! Battle her too for taking all of about five seconds to mourn her mother’s death.


Furrow your brows into a battle-ready stance, cause here comes the culprit you must battle!


Battler-kun, are you ready to battle Beatrice in an epic battle of battling wits?! Stay tune for his battle against the biggest set of battling tits on Umineko yet!


Join your battling forces with this retarded plot development that threatens to battle our brains to mush!

It’s too bad, Battler-kun. You will try your best, but even your battle spirit can’t battle this anime’s aggressive battling ability to induce boredom.

4 thoughts on “Battle, battle! Battler-kun!

    1. E Minor Post author

      I thought the trap-looking maid died, but apparently he’s walking about in this episode. Or maybe it’s someone else. I dunno, I fast-forwarded through everything because I’m about done with Umineko.

  1. Veldril

    Actually, everyone died in the first arc. The tea-party scene is taking place in the purgatory. At first, it looks like it is the same in Higurashi visual novel, where the casts come and discuss about how they die in certain episodes. However, it twist into the real starting point of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, the start of battle to deny witches.

    It gonna get very interesting from this point onward, and it will also bash up many people’s brains too.


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