Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Ep. 5


Another week, another half hour of trying desperately to stay awake through Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. All the previous criticisms I’ve made before about the lack of scope and the uninteresting characters still stand, but at least in the first four episodes the plot seemed to be progressing. This week nothing happened. The characters spend the entire episode holed up in a school, where they meet an old guy and his wife who will never appear again and enjoy the fruits of socialism. They couldn’t even be bothered to narrowly dodge some falling debris. Even if I liked the series I would characterize episode five as a ‘rare miss’. I don’t know why I put myself through the effort of watching this show except that the critical response, such as it is, from the blogosphere is incredibly positive for reasons I don’t at all understand. Feel free to enlighten me.

4 thoughts on “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Ep. 5

  1. ghostlightning

    Feel free to read our archives, I think we have 6 posts that don’t say how wonderful this show is but rather talk about what we find interesting in it. I wouldn’t presume to enlighten you, but I happily share my enthusiasm for the show.

    1. The Fin Post author

      I’m sure I’ve seen it before but what is the link to your site? For some reason it doesn’t automatically link your name or avatar anywhere when you leave a comment by default, you have to enter something for ‘website’ in your profile (something which I also found out after leaving a comment telling someone else to read my site).

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