Nyan Koi! Ep. 2 & 3: Playing it by the numbers.


I thought for a second that Nyan Koi! would have the balls to make one of the love interests a mamba, but of course, the second episode strips it away from Sumiyoshi as quickly as it introduces her.

See? You can look “normal” again now that we’ve taken care of your silly boy angst from elementary school.


They’re not quite done making a deredere out of Sumiyoshi yet, but at least they managed to turn her into another generic looking harem candidate.


So much for mamba giving her strength.


I guess she was only wearing a wig. She was just a poser after all. It doesn’t matter.


We all know she’s gonna lose to the airhead anyway.


In episode three, we get to meet Racks (technically, we see her first in episode two but who’s keeping track?).


Her real name is Mochizuki Chizuru, but the way the anime fixates on her chest, she may as well just be Racks. It’s also funny, by the way, to keep note of her constant body morphism. We’re three episodes in and gosh we just can’t be assed to keep the production values up all the time.


So what do we learn? Well, since she’s a college woman, she’s naturally a tease. A temptress even.


And a man and a woman walking outside together? Blasphemous. It’s shameful and we must hide it at all costs. It feels so prudish when the show makes obvious innuendos like


but then makes such a big deal out of two people walking together outside in broad daylight, especially considering the fact that one of them is clearly in her work uniform. All in all, too much of the flashback about airhead and not enough cats. A dangerous dearth of cats we must fix.