Winter Sonata Ep. 0

Oh God, I hate midget clowns.

Oh God, I hate midget clowns.

Whoa, heavy hand with the music.

It’s not too bad in all honesty; it all sounds pleasant enough. This episode was almost nothing but piano solos and personal reflections. It’s so Korean with its internal monologues and melancholia. Having seen the original before, Nyoron thinks it doesn’t currently work in anime form, but it’s early so we’ll see. Thanks to her, I’m no stranger to Korean movies and have seen at least 30 films ranging from horror to drama to comedies. I’m afraid I never got into Korean dramas, however. Why? Nyoron says they’re depressing as fuck and, hey, I’ll take her word for it.

None of the Korean movies I saw could avoid sentimentality. Seriously, even the romantic comedies had to have some super sappy or tragic moment after an hour of laughs. Sometimes, the contrast doesn’t work so well. In My Wife Is a Gangster, some boyfriend brags to his girl that he’ll take her to the best crab restaurant in town only to be stabbed like a billion times like a second afterward. Maybe we’re horrible people, but Nyoron and I haven’t stopped joking about it since. Anyhow, you just know someone will die in Winter Sonata and it’ll be long and drawn out for episodes. Lots of tears and lots of tissues. There’s gonna be an overbearing, misunderstanding mother somewhere too. They’re a Korean staple. I’ll bet a hundred bucks on it.

Facetiousness aside, neither of us are particularly crazy after that incredibly slow “episode zero,” but since I haven’t seen it, I’ll give it a shot until I just can’t bear it anymore. The original Korean actors were at least a nice touch.

4 thoughts on “Winter Sonata Ep. 0

    1. E Minor Post author

      “…but your vision were may ah beard” was all I heard under the pounding piano. I actually sat there replaying her mangled English and I have no idea what she said.

      I figure he’s going blind, but I meant bedridden cancer or something.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Then that seems a little gimmicky. The only point to episode zero is necessitating a need to rewatch it at the end.


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