The Sacred Blacksmith Ep. 11

Oh god, someone make it stop.

We slow down considerably again and, I assure you, that is a bad thing. Shows like The Sacred Blacksmith should always have action. Why? Because when you allow it to talk, you learn quickly how dumb it is.

Cecily: That’s the man in black!
Siegfried: Do you have proof?
Cecily: I’m the witness! I saw your face!
Siegfried: I don’t remember seeing you though.

Welp, that settles it! Case closed, let the man go.

Most of this episode is just talk talk talk and it just astounds me what comes out of their mouth. So while dying, Lisa Oakwood made a demon pact to create “Lisa” so that “Lisa” could always protect Luke. So says Cecily anyway — how does Cecily know? Where’s her proof?

By being a housewife? Seriously? A female knight decided, “Well, even if I was reborn, I could never protect Luke ‘for eternity.’ Better make myself a menial servant!”

Why didn’t she continue protecting Luke for eternity as a powerful “knight demon” or whatever? Why couldn’t Mr. Blacksmith do all the laundry and the cooking and the shopping? Oh right, ’cause the proper way to support a man is by becoming his traditional wife.

So where does this put Cecily then? Assuming she’s the love interest and assuming “Lisa” survives the anime to continue being a servant girl, what a win-win situation for Luke.

Gah. Put the little strumpet away. Just think about it — while the conference was in session, Lisa was standing outside on the street the entire time in that ridiculous outfit.

4 thoughts on “The Sacred Blacksmith Ep. 11

  1. LostMarbles

    Oh god, what is that pouring out of Lisa’s (or is that “Lisa”s eyes. I honestly can’t freaking keep track anymore) eyes? That can’t be healthy.

    After watching the episode, I’m still confused as to the purpose of that conference. I mean, I understand why the creators put it there, but I have no clue what the in-world purpose was supposed to be and what happened aside from Cecily storming in preaching about something that seemed only tangentially relevant and onto the “heartwarming” scene. I guess I’ll never find out now that Siegfried has decided to go all Dilandau with giggling and burning.

    Sorry, I needed to get that out of my system.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I think they all convened to see whether or not Luke had finished the next sealing sword. He said that he hadn’t so Cecily then went on some tirade about how he was never trying to make a sealing sword, but an invincible sword? And somehow this is all thanks to original Lisa’s sacrifice?

      I think Siegfried was planning to burn and kill all along, though I’m not sure why he was so pissed at not being able to break Luke’s new sword.

      1. LostMarbles

        I got that they convened about the sword business, but I didn’t understand why half of the conference was about Lisa even before Cecily’s explanation. It seemed like they were never going to actually talk about what they came to talk about. And then suddenly all their gossiping about Luke and Lisa led perfectly to Cecily’s reveal answering the original question of the conference. Although I tuned out for a while and probably missing something.

        I had pegged Siegfried as the cool mastermind villain, not the madly cackling lunatic of the last 5 seconds.

        1. E Minor Post author

          Just lazy writing probably. They had to explain what happened to Lisa Oakwood eventually. Rather than a flashback episode, they probably opted for grown adults gossiping ’cause leaders of nations apparently have nothing better to do. One of them (the old lecherous looking guy) is a giant pervert for no good reason even.

          Though Lisa came up because “Lisa” is a demon and they only condoned her existence as long as Luke would finish the sword. Luke wasn’t completing his end of the bargain, so they suggested having “Lisa” help with her crazy demon eye or something. Luke claimed that those swords aren’t meant for sealing. As a result, the leaders went on a complete tangent and started wondering why he even had a demon in the first place if she couldn’t help him forge powerful swords (to which the old guy suggested something lewd). Cecily butted in to make it clear why Lisa’s sacrifice was so necessary.


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