11eyes Ep. 11 – The most useless sex scene ever.

“Dammit! Is there no way for us to beat that witch?!”

“There is a way… we gotta have sex. BTW I’m totally prepared for it. Totally not a coincidence.”

Commence pointless coitus.

Kakeru looks very bored for someone doing it for the very first time.

Shizuru, on the other hand, looks like she’s nailing shadows.

As if it wasn’t bad enough they totally ripped off Persona 3, the game, now they gotta rip off Persona 3, the h-doujinshi. So… time to kick some gothic loli ass right?


Instead, the penetrator has become the penetratee. Kakeru just dies without even putting up a fight so what really was the whole point of that heavily censored sex scene? This is what we call gratuitous. Since we’re done with the most important part of the show, we can go back to crappy animation now:

Yuka lookin’ good.

What does this even mean? Did Kakeru fuck her so hard that he tore a dimensional hole too?

By the way, what happened to all the other guys fighting Liselotte? Did they all just die offscreen after the big black Gyarados used his hyper beam (no seriously, it’s Gyarados)? And what’s with Kakeru and Shizuru meeting their buddies casually in the street with a devastated city just in the distance?

Does anything in this show make sense?

7 thoughts on “11eyes Ep. 11 – The most useless sex scene ever.

  1. kame-chan

    Concur. There was no use for that scene. Kakeru walked into that trap and he definitely didn’t have any balls to fight back. The whole “saving the world” outlook went down the drain in a minute. Kind of happy that they “died”. But, there’s one more episode left so maybe he’ll come out alive, destroy the crazy witch, and make a world so he can happily “do” Yuka.

    1. vladislav

      This is actually a bad end in the VN..
      And in the final episode it’s made clear that he is only thinking of such an ending and it never happened..
      Actually the anime is shit compared to the VN..

  2. osfensu

    I thought the eye could help him predict the future and save him from imminent death.
    But in the end its just your average eye that opens the door to hell.


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