Sora no Woto Ep. 2 – The Ambien Girls

What exciting adventures are we gonna go on today?

Back to school!

Wait, what?

Why don’t we start from the beginning? Maybe I’m being too harsh on Sora no Woto. After all, it has a promising concept: women in the army. Even in the 21st century, many women are still being pigeonholed into certain career tracks: teacher, secretary, social service, childcare, etc. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to show women succeeding in roles typically reserved for men? Like the army, for instance. Of course, Japan doesn’t have a standing army, but it does have a Japan Self-Defense Force and a lot of women enroll so that they can avoid “womanly careers” like the ones mentioned above.

Alright! What’s our first mission today?

To play the bugle horribly… but let’s stay positive; it’s just the second episode. It’s not as if military command only sends out people who know how to do their jobs. Dunno how to fire a gun? Don’t worry about it, kid — you’ll learn out there on assignment! Okay, what’s the next assignment!

Breakfast. Well, you can’t do good work on an empty stomach… next?

A… a tour? N-next?

Investigate a ghost? What the fuck? Are we Scooby Doo? By the way, why would you even need those giant backpacks when investigating literally fifty feet from headquarters? Why not something useful like… a flashlight? Lost technology? Okay, a goddamn torch.

I really want to believe Sora no Woto isn’t moe trash, but it doesn’t help when the girls act like schoolgirls rather than mature women in the fucking army.

Running away from rats. Oh, just standard military protocol.

Glomped by your commanding officer? Just standard military protocol. It’s just what you do as a captain. Private feeling a little down in the dumps? GIVE HER A HUG.

Running and falling due to an owl,

doing housework in an apron (before you protest, “Duh, what else do you do housework in?” — do you think privates in the army get all dressed up when cleaning the mess hall, do you?),

throwing a tantrum in the middle of a meeting,

being cripplingly scared of lightning,

and falling after firing a gun. It’s as if she’s never used a gun before! All standard military protocol! Man, they got owned by an owl.  It has only been six months since the armistice according to the last episode. That means fighting had been going on for a long time. That means people are usually experienced in that sort of stuff. I’m just assuming, but I still find it silly that these five girls even managed to find way through basic training. It’s a good thing they’re not in charge of anything big or importa-

Oh. Oh dear.

13 thoughts on “Sora no Woto Ep. 2 – The Ambien Girls

  1. adaywithoutme

    Getting glomped by a superior? Hmm, smells like an Article 15 to me.

    The recruitment poster, btw, made me giggle. Maybe its the ridiculous version they have of camoflauge-print in the Self-Defense Force.

  2. LinGaiVa


    While I didn’t mind this episode, this ‘platoon’ is really starting to worry me. If they can’t handle rats, how can they fight a war. I know from the episode, that the superior officers literally don’t give a shit about 1121 but surely they all received the same standard training and didn’t give them a special course in imcompetence.

    But yeah, I have long since given up hope that this is going to be a serious show about military life like Band of Brothers. Even if they’re in a relatively quiet and low-priority frontline they still don’t feel like a serious army to me.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Imagine if they did a show full of young guys in the army. And the guys stumbled around in some dark corridor because they’re scared of ghosts and rats and owls. People would trash the show so hard.

      1. LinGaiVa

        That may work if done from the right angle. When you’re in the middle of the war and you may be attacked by snipers, artillery shots and ambushed by a machine gun nest that isn’t going to do wonders for your psychology. As such you’d probably pissing yourself at anything that moves in the dark like rats and owls.

        In this case of course, it should be more the fear of being killed by the rat or owl possibly being the enemy.

        Oh well, there’s always the Pacific to look forward to.

    1. LinGaiVa

      Well, the series pretty much revolves around a setting that pretty much needs no defending in any case and their in a time of peace apparently. In other words 1121 Platoon really is useless and has nothing else to do.

      The question is, does this give tvtropes free reign to dish out as many fanservice episodes as possible?

        1. KizukuKanshi

          Tv Tropes makes me feel like I should be trying to read every article on every website I go to. That’s why I lurk so much here, ’cause I’ve seen all of the articles. XD

  3. LostMarbles

    Sora no Woto could be an interesting show if you replaced all the characters and added plot. As it stands, I got through 4 minutes of the second episode and I have no desire to watch any further episodes past the OP. In fact, I think I might just watch the OP and skip the actual episodes. Mmm…Gustav Klimt.

    1. E Minor Post author

      That was my first reaction to the show: “Hey the OP is not bad.” It’s kinda sad that after two episodes, the only positive thing I can add to that is “well, at least the backgrounds are nice.”


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