First Impressions: Occult Academy

She must really like that dress.

The first episode of Occult Academy has our heroine behead her possessed father (who looks about as intimidating as Slimer), a reference to Porco Rosso, and ends with a naked male ass materializing out of nowhere a la Terminator. Exciting.

All in all, it felt like a comedy. If that’s what the anime’s aiming for (I went into the first episode cold so I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be), then okay; I chuckled once or twice. The anime isn’t witty; it’s more goofy than it is smart.

And like a lot of mediocre comedies, the anime kinda drags when it attempts to be dramatic, which — to be honest — felt a little ham-fisted. I barely know the girl, I really don’t know her dad, and thus I barely care about their estrangement, conflict, etc. The anime seemingly doesn’t care either. A girl who idolized Maya’s father casually apologizes for Maya’s loss before giving us an info dump on his background.

Naked dude, Smiley and JK at least seem like a colorful cast. Maya, on the other hand, just didn’t look or sound very interesting other than her penchant for wearing the same sleeve-less white dress everyday of her life. How come the girls in the anime have the most boring character designs anyway?

Still, Occult Academy wisely ended on a cliffhanger, ’cause I’m curious enough to watch a couple more episodes. What is vice principal is up to? What does “how many of the Abe Minorus are left” even mean? Why is naked dude presumably beaming back in time?

7 thoughts on “First Impressions: Occult Academy

  1. A guy from /m/

    I’m looking forward to this. Sora no Woto is a trainwreck with terrible female characters (except Rio, she’s decent), Senko no Night Raid didn’t manage to draw me in with its utterly plodding narrative (although I’ve heard it gets better later on. But hey, I depend on fansubs), so I hope that Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin will finally win me over.

    I appreciate the novel concept of the Anime no Chikara programming block, but sadly none of the anime so far are on it are of extraordinary quality, dispite me wanting it to succeed. Encouragement of original productions should always be advocated and supported if you ask me.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Oh, it’s by those guys? I think original productions should be in quotations then, considering Sora no Woto’s development. Now that I think about it, naked male in the first episode huh…

      Sora no Woto was really pretentious and I just completely forgot to watch another episode of Senko no Night Raid. I guess this doesn’t really give me much optimism for Occult Academy.

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  3. A guy from /m/

    Have some faith. With each new show they put out, I can see an increase in quality. Maybe this will turn into something remarkable.

  4. Fundefined

    Any female character design with a hairband gets a thumbs up from me. They’re raving about about Maya in /a/ but so far as a series it’s nothing special.

  5. Velore

    The only Anime I enjoyed so far this season, probably thanks to the successful comedy and overall what I expected from Highschool of the Death.

    Well, lol, I didn’t even notice that it’s the same dress.

    I wouldn’t expect something marked as Horror slash Comedy to be smart, either it goes higurashi-mad or killing green-fluid-filled demons. All I expect is some laughing with ghosts, demons and some supernatural stuff included. Kinda makes me miss Ghost Hunt.. ._.

    I’m just afraid of the romance that could ruin it, as for now I’d like it to stay with the ‘current genres’.


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