Anime Overdose #2.5

A bi-weekly look at some anime and various other anime-related nonsense.

Had to republish this one for various reasons. Sorry for any additional tracebacks/pingbacks.



“…what about adapting this manga? He gets beaten up by girls.”

“So… like every other anime in existence?”

“But the difference is that he enjoys it! He’s a masochist, but let’s be clear — he only enjoys being beaten up by women. No homo.”

“Hm, I dunno. Is that gonna hold up for 12 episodes?”

“Well, his mom and sister also have the hots for him.”

“Oooh. That’s good.”

“That incest’s so hot right now.”

• The anime is a mix of dangerous male-on-male violence and wacky female-on-male violence.

>>> ACTION LINES!!!! <<<

There are some interesting things to say about it, but I’ve done that elsewhere on this site.


The World God Only Knows Ep. 4-6

• I originally said this about God Only Knows:

God Only Knows teaches us that women are insecure creatures just waiting for a man to come by and solve their problems.

I was wrong. The show also teaches us that women are unhinged and violent.

• Petty and vindictive too. No wonder men need cheat codes.

• “I my meeeeeeeeeeeeee corporate shill!”

• The anime was so proud of the idol’s song, it made us listen to it twice in a single episode.

• You can look at it from a different angle. The guy is such a pathetic nerd — such a 2-D lover — that she can throw herself at his feet and he’d barely look up from his video games. As a result, she literally has to attack him with her pussy. Of course, he’s absolutely terrified by it.

Relax, I’m just being facetious. Maybe.

• C’mon, it’s so blatant. When he ignores her crappy song, she literally becomes a ghost. When he finally pays her a cheap compliment, she becomes corporeal again. Do you really not see it? Really?

Even Downsy the tortoise can see it.


Kuragehime Ep. 4

Although my posts on Kuragehime have lead to some interesting discussion, most notably those by adaywithoutme and 2DT, Fin will take over for me from here on out. Here’s what she has to say about the most recent episode….

Kuragehime is chugging steadily along with some well-worn tropes; the dead/missing parents, the bifurcation of identity between the plain old main character and her dressed-up alter ego. But it’s also bringing a little freshness with the crossdressing love interest who loves fashion but loves girls too, and with the addition of an actual, responsible adult character to the mix.

Straight men crossdressing is a little further into queer theory than I’m really qualified to analyze, but if nothing else I applaud the show for giving a boy gender-atypical interests without punishing him for it. The responsible adult (Kuranosuke’s brother, Shu) is actually an even rarer quality, as anime tends to be about the young and carefree. He’s adding a third pole to the show’s stereotyped view of the world as being divided evenly between “hipsters” and “nerds”, I don’t know what to call it besides “people with jobs”.

As for the Nunz, they are only hurting themselves by taking such a simplistic view of the world and sealing themselves off from it. Even the Bratz movie ( knew enough to portray cliques as a petty way to divide people who should be friends and marginalize the individual. Some kind of synthesis is coming, and it can’t come soon enough because I am so tired of the Nunz’s ridiculous behavior. Every episode they make me cringe with their “whacky” antics; they remind me of /b/-tards acting out memes in real life and embarrassing everyone around them. The sooner they start reforming the better. Otherwise Kuragehime is quite watchable, and I’m actually finding myself looking forward to more of it.


Star Driver Ep. 7

• Best part about this episode:

• Second best part about this episode:

• As for everything else…

• Uh, I guess I should offer a summary or something. Following last week’s episode, Sugata might have killed himself by apprivoising. Except we know he didn’t kill himself because it’s too damn early in the story.

• Through some recap montage of FRIENDSHIP!, Takuto learns the power of FRIENDSHIP!

• Sugata wakes up in Zero Time and then the real world as well but hold on! The villains beat Takuto and Wako to the punch. Pink-haired girl remarks that Sugata’s lost his will, leans in to kiss the guy (which is accompanied by some gratuitous nude shot for no reason) and now Sugata’s all evil. Well, I guess since Takuto’s been kicking everyone’s ass, might as well make it interesting.


Panty & Stocking

I will step out here as well. Nyoro’n will take over for P&S.

Panty & Stocking is turning out to be the best anime released in 2010. It’s just that good. I’ll give you a small taste of the anime with a recap of the last episode.

You like mechas? You’ll like this. Femitron and Masculimus Surprise happen to crash into the Panty & Stocking universe. Shortly after crashing into the chapel, the mechas are destroyed.

The next half of the episode is Panty & Stocking exploring the dangers of gambling. Eventually they are forced to gamble off most of their clothes in order to fuel their gambling addiction.


Repo’d Dag Ep. 6

• After breaking Keisuke’s heart in the previous episode, Squall goes down a bloody alley to look for him.


Nope. What a coincidence that some dead jerk is wearing the same shitty clothing as your best friend.

• I’m guessing all the knife fights in the world wouldn’t be enough to make up for the lack of shounen ai, right?

• For whatever reason, anyone who consumes Squall’s blood becomes incredibly sick. Really? Do you really want to make ‘dangerous blood’ a plot device in a story about homosexual love?


• The best friend is evil? I’m feeling a little deja vu. The anime doesn’t quite spill the beans yet on why Keisuke suddenly had a change of character. Maybe he just snapped, but if our better half went nuts every time we got mad at them….


Around the web:

“You’ve seduced me to the dark side, brought me over to your dimly-lit caves of doom and 2D love…”

• Landon points out that a lot of mothers in anime die by simply wasting away (once again, Kuragehime is the fountain spring of inspiration for another post!). Should watch some sad Asian dramas — guys get stabbed or beaten up by gangsters, girls go blind or die from some incurable disease.

Yeah, the trope’s overused, but it seems like just a minor flashback in most anime (like Kuragehime) such that it probably doesn’t really matter how she died but just that she died. Or maybe it’s like the Wilhelm scream but for dead moms.

Summer Wars was apparently submitted for Oscar nominations. I doubt it’ll make into the small group of three nominations, but no matter my opinion of Summer Wars (which, trust me, wasn’t Oscar-level positive), at least it’s impressive from a technical standpoint. Still, no one’s going to beat out Toy Story 3 for both the right reasons but political ones as well.

11 thoughts on “Anime Overdose #2.5

    1. The Fin

      Why’s that? Panty and Stocking is basically Powerpuff Girls for adults, and if you’re talking sideways about Powerpuff Girls then YOU GOT SOME ‘SPLAININ’ TO DO.

    2. Nyoro~n :3

      Panty & Stocking is something new in anime, it also utilizes a different style in one of the episodes (something that most animes neglect to do). Plus, the animation isn’t lazy and you can usually see Panty & Stocking wearing a different outfit almost every episode.

      But I agree with you, anime does suck.

  1. adaywithoutme

    Need to add Milky Holmes to your viewing list. It looks like moe-shit, but its actually… really, really bizarre.

    1. E Minor Post author

      The first ten minutes really looked like an anime for children. It’s not even “ugh, I hate moe so I don’t want to watch this,” ’cause.. c’mon, I’m watching God Only Knows for Christ’s sakes. It just looked like something more along the lines of Yumeiro Patissiere. I could give it a second shot after I drag my way through these Shiki episodes.

      1. adaywithoutme

        Yeah, it does start off looking like a kid’s show, but then really weird shit happens like one of the villains’ nipples get hard and he gets interrupted while on a date with a dakikamura of… himself. The heroines are also quite honestly the dumbest set of anime characters I’ve ever set eyes on. And it’s all surprisingly subversive – Landon did an excellent post on it, so you don’t have to just take my word for it.

        1. E Minor Post author

          really weird shit happens like one of the villains’ nipples get hard

          I’m sure it is, but man, I hope that’s played for laughs or it’s going to be real awkward.


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