Otome Youkai Zakuro Ep. 9: Heartbreak, Heartbreak

Zakuro just stepped all over Agemaki’s heart.

You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half. Forgive the quality of my video — VHS is such a fickle beast.

Aaaaaand…. now!

Oh man, how did we even get to this point? It turns out a spirit-like entity appears every time girls play the Kokkuri-san game. Lieutenant Handate would like the Ministry of Spirits to take care of it before anyone gets hurt.

So everyone plays the game and out comes a gay pride parade float. Zakuro tries to subdue it with the usual song and dance shtick, but her dagger does absolutely nothing to Kokkuri-san. Stymied, everyone rushes back to Lord Amaryoju for advice. He hypothesizes that Kokkuri-san is constructed from the feelings and desires of young girls everywhere. If the team can complete one of Kokkuri-san’s many tasks, e.g. falling in love, he’ll go away.

The group splits up to tackle the problem, but this only serves to knock the men of the show down a peg or two with the exception of Hanadate. Ganryu can’t imagine being in a relationship with both twins. Riken is a blockhead as usual. Agemaki tries to step up and confess his love, but Zakuro naturally holds him back. This allows our dashing Hanadate to steal the spotlight and muddle things up for our blond hero.

Albino Firefox is pleased. Agemaki is not.

And hohoho, Hanadate is involved with Lady Rangui. It’s a little disappointing that they kinda blew the lid on the whole “Hanadate is not such a good guy” thing so quickly. It’s also disappointing that he never got much development so there’s not even a snowball’s chance in hell the audience would think he had anything legitimate going on with Zakuro. But in the end… I dunno, I thought this was the funniest episode yet.

P.S. That Kokkuri-san is one heck of a knowledgeable being:

3 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro Ep. 9: Heartbreak, Heartbreak

      1. Nyoro~n :3

        You just mad because Kokkurisan is telling the truth. You should wash your feet, you stepped in natto after the fox told you the truth.


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