Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Ep. 2: Bad Romance

Holy hell, this turned to shit super fast. First, Ritsu fantasizes about his boss forcefully kissing him at the workplace. I guess no one’s bothered by a lack of professionalism anymore.

We quickly follow this up with the very formulaic “UGH MY BOSS IS SUCH AN UNCARING JERK” >> *amazing revelation* >> “He’s… not so bad after all” plot line. It went by in such a blur that it only took up half the episode’s length.

It's not sexual harassment if you really want it.

With still so much time left, what else could this show reveal? Hmm… how about the fact that Takano is the high school flame that Ritsu has been holding a grudge against for all these years? What’s that? Inconceivable you say? After all, how come Ritsu didn’t just recognize his former flame then?

Because Takano was so different looking back then. Just look at the before and after pics above — it’s like night and day.

In case everything wasn’t dumb enough, Takano flat out tells his co-worker and subordinate what he plans to do. There’d be a lawsuit if he was ugly, but how can you be mad at that square jaw, broad shoulders, and deep, amber eyes~

Ritsu, deep in contemplation, wonders whether or not a silly misunderstanding really did lead to their break up in high school. Having realized that it was a misunderstanding after all, he ultimately decides to keep holding that grudge anyway. ‘Cause, like, so what? We resolved that storyline… but then again, we haven’t. A decent romantic comedy would have been nice. Oh anime.

7 thoughts on “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Ep. 2: Bad Romance

      1. adaywithoutme

        Random, but have you ever seen the anime Haunted Junction? There’s a character in that who ends every episode by yelling “OH MY GOD!!!” and I can’t help but read the subtitles in the first screencap in that character’s voice…

  1. makki389

    in all honesty, i finished the manga first and now im gonna watch the anime soon. :D i really liked it though. hmm. to each his own i guess. :D


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