Hanasaku Iroha Ep. 4: Back to school

Ohana attends her new school.

Which is fresh and exciting because unlike every other anime in existence, everyone here loves the transfer student– …oh wait. The plot had no major focus this episode as we meandered around and about so I’ll just blog this by bullet points.

• I feel bad for Ko.

Ohana will try anything to befriend someone who absolutely detests her, but she has yet to reply to Ko. I feel bad for the guy because we all know what it’s like to wait on someone we care about. We’ve all been there unless…

• Nako’s “amazing” feat in the previous episode is rendered even more pointless because it made little difference to her character development.

Here, you see her running away in embarrassment because silly Ohana was doing a thing in the school hallway. Better flush red and dash away like a dork.

• One loser says to another, “I can’t believe I’m in the same class as the two most popular girls in our grade!” His friend’s response?

Man, that is one of the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. Possibly second to only shower beer.

• The big development this episode was that Minko has a crush on junior chef Tohru.

When she was describing her ideal man, however, I couldn’t help but think she really just wanted to date an idealized version of herself.

• There was a short bit with Tomoe this episode. Look at that face:

We still don’t get to see much of her, but maybe it’s a good thing ’cause she’s freaking out over high school girls and their various courters. Clearly, a woman is worthless without a man and Tomoe doesn’t want to be worthless. What would people say!

• Ohana is scared of a bird.

• I drifted off during Nako’s talk about some festival. I admit it and I don’t really care.

• We waste a couple minutes on Nako and Ohana coming up with nicknames because that’s what BFFs do — sit around and think up nicknames for each other.

Anime girls are so carefree and only think cute things like whether to call their friend Minchi or Minchan.

• Near the end of the episode, Ohana thinks Minko saved her from having to deal with Tohru, but it looks like Minko was just jealous — add that to her list of flaws. Someone, somewhere, will say that Minko is justifably jealous ’cause she doesn’t trust Ohana, it’s her first love, blah blah blah. Just like how I heard it’s apparently okay for Minko to be a bitch because she’s only afraid that Ohana is here to steal her job. This is despite the fact that I’ve yet to see any sign that Minko’s employment is in any danger. What is it about black-haired anime girls that people will go to all lengths to defend?

If Minko was fat and/or ugly, would Ohana try so hard to befriend her? Some of you guys might say “Of course she would!” I wonder then.. would all the Minko apologists out there continue to justify her actions? Luckily, we don’t have to ask ourselves these questions because no young girl’s ever fat or ugly in anime unless the anime is making a joke at her expense.

• I wouldn’t say I cheered when Tohru picked up Yuina for a date… but I did think “I’m gonna stick ‘schadenfreude’ somewhere in an update.”

And I did. I should take smarter people’s advice and just stop watching this show.


16 Replies to “Hanasaku Iroha Ep. 4: Back to school”

  1. I was sitting here during this episode watching the clock and thinking “10 minutes in and they still haven’t introduced the conflict for this episode”. Pointless episode.

    I blame the director. Except I blame the fact that the episode director, Takefumi Anzai, is really good at dramatic stories (in Angel Beats he did Iwasawa’s departure, Yui’s departure, and Otonashi’s death) but no one handed him any damn drama.

    1. This episode was boring so let’s go off-topic a bit. I didn’t bother to give Angel Beats a chance because of the look, but it seems like everyone thinks it was decent. Should I give it another go?!

      1. eh, maybe if you got some free time. It goes all over the place. Some of the funny bits are really funny and some of the sweet or sad bits are really sad. Don’t look for much explanation of what’s going on though. It ain’t a mystery series.

  2. Its true. there are no ugly or far girls in anime. most anime girls are like Trixie Tang (FOP) because if you were the last guy on earth, even if she’s pretty, she still needs to be told she’s pretty constantly.

      1. Whaaaatttt? Reallyy? but it was the father of the word “internet”. Sites like this wouldn’t be around without that.

        Anyway your insight on anime is fun to read. Keep it up.

        have you ever seen les miserables cosette? this anime is trying too hard to be like that. Besides Gavrouche beats Nako at being good strong friend.

  3. My brain felt like it was corroded by a strong acid watching this. Last episode had some conflict, no matter how outlandish, but this one was a complete chore to get through.

    Still, they’re introducing tension where it doesn’t belong, and this episode only succeeded in making Ohana a bit less tolerable. The only part that made me smile was when Minko walked out on Ohana as soon as she woke up, leaving Ohana’s face in a static shocked expression.

    1. I’ll give it credit for that — for me, it was the moment just before when she was still hanging upside down at night.

      I thought the episode had a couple opportunities to defy my expectations but it picked the most common road each and every single time. Maybe Minko won’t tell Ohana to scram — like c’mon, not another jealous girl right? — she went and did just that. Naw, don’t tell me Tohru is the “cool guy” that Yuina is referring to. Well, of course it is; he’s the only relatively young guy there.

  4. What the fuck… Nako looks just like that girl from KimiKiss in that uniform and with those braids!

    Yeah, this show sucks. Too bad, the backgrounds are really fucking pretty.

  5. Needs more “extreme food” insults.

    And the school part of the episode just makes me gag. Can I get more dramatic angst, less SCHOOL LIFE?!

    Have you given Hyouge Mono a change, though? It’s not really a bad anime (then again, this is the type of anime that involves 40-50 year old men samurais, and one guy with a love for all things fancy)

    1. I’ve seen the first episode of Hyouge Mono and it was compelling in a strange way. I’m waiting to see at least a couple more until I decide whether or not to say something about it.

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