Deadman Wonderland Ep. 10: No hope

Ganta always seems like he’s on the verge of a breakdown.

You’ll hardly ever find Ganta’s face not in a dour grimace. He almost always sounds like he’s teetering on some proverbial edge, his voice wavering and shrill; there’s a whininess to his portrayal that just makes Ganta so unbearable like you just want to punch the guy. The latest episode is the worst yet for Ganta. After Shiro saves his sorry ass, he mistakenly believes that she’s ruined Scar Chain’s noble sacrifice. Mostly, he’s just self-absorbed in the fact that he’s a loser. After punching Shiro, he spends the rest of the episode wallowing in pathetic self-pity. Meanwhile, he’s the protagonist of the story; we’re supposed to root for this guy when he’s just a bundle of misery. Some are gonna say, “Ganta’s just a kid. How would you react in his shoes? Not so well!” Yes, true, but the problem, then, is why make the story about him at all?

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Ganta is a microcosm of the anime as a whole. It’s just so miserable. There aren’t any instances of levity or fist-pumping moments of GAR. This also isn’t like Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin when it should be. The two anime are structurally similar — young people thrown into a prison system that rapes and abuses them — but Rainbow has something that Deadman Wonderland doesn’t: hope. The young men in Rainbow stick together, support each other, and are brothers for life. For all the bad shit inflicted upon them, you watch the anime with the feeling that these guys will make it through anything. Deadman Wonderland, on the other hand, is just a dark pit of despair. Underneath all the grime and dirt is just more grime and dirt. There’s no glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Deadman Wonderland is certainly not trying to make a deep or profound argument about the nature of world. It’s certainly not a fascinating character study either. It’s not even funny or heroic. The anime is all murders, betrayals and sadistic torture. Deadman Wonderland is thus neither intelligent nor fun to watch unless, well, you like seeing people die around a whiny teenager and his pet shoujo. I don’t.


11 Replies to “Deadman Wonderland Ep. 10: No hope”

  1. I think I’m watching for when Ganta finds out Shiro was the one who murdered all his friends and got him stuck in this hellhole to begin with. I think of Shiro as a ticking time bomb. Anyway it’s more the sci-fi elements that keep me watching. There’s also Makina to consider. She may be the one who finally gets word out to the public, unfortunately she’s had so little screen time it’s hard to even remember she’s investigating the shadier side of DMW.

  2. Oh man, the manga is so ridiculous and hilarious! I just started reading it recently and once I started I literally couldn’t stop for six volumes. Sure, like any exploitation it’s not for everyone (I can bet majority of people are not readily accepting of ‘women in prison’ or nazisploitation films either) and might come off as stupid/bleak at times but there really is no other way than to accept it and go with the flow (OR drop it). Even Ganta’s suckdom is instrumental to the genre. He might be partially a typical shounen hero but you’re also supposed to enjoy the constant misery the author throws at him. I know ~I~ can’t wait until he find’s out about Shiro’s secret identity. :>

    I’m not watching the anime (and most likely never will) so I’m not sure how it translated into motion but in general I find that the manga achieved what it set out to do (trashy entertainment). I see people trying to apply some logic to it (ie. saying that the legal system is flawed or the humanitarian organizations would stop DMW from operating) and I’m like man, if that bothers you I’m pretty sure your head is physically required to explode after about 10 pages of Gantz. :[

    1. Maybe I just have the wrong idea of trashy entertainment. I always figured trashy entertainment would have a ton of sex, GAR, dark humor or some combination of the above. There’s some fanservice, but the anime has been pretty sexually inert so far. All we have is some incestuous undertone that will go nowhere anyway. And as far as I’m concerned, there’s no humor whatsoever. Maybe the manga rocks or something — I’m not gonna read it — but I just know the anime is death, death, and whiny little bitch Ganta.

  3. Did you do a review on Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin ? Really loved that anime so inspiring. If you haven’t please do I really want to see your comment about the scenes.

  4. You see this this guy, he doesn’t have have a reason to keep this story going. I thought he was going to find redman, fight him, and come out on top. That was his goal!!! Where is that punk who framed him? He hasn’t showed up since Ganta showed up in prison. Unless redman shows up again, Ganta will go the way of the bland male protagonist. do you think redman and Shiro have a connection. Wait Shiro means white. red,..white…red…white…red…(gasp) no it cant be… is she(NO SPOILERS!!!!!!) (whack!!!!).


  5. damn how many episodes have you seen i mean shiro and the wretched egg duh the same thing and ganta well all i can say is no longer a whinny bitch

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