Tiger & Bunny Ep. 12: One by one

There’s a certain simplistic charm to the latest Tiger & Bunny. It feels somewhat nostalgic to watch a seemingly invincible villain pick off the heroes one by one on some stage and broadcasting it to the world. The scenario wasn’t a perfect sell to me, but hey, I sorta enjoyed it.

A few observations:

• Very shounen-esque this week. You know how it goes: one of the heroes launch a barrage of attacks, but the attacks all miss the evildoer somehow. Sky High’s wind abilities may as well just be ki blasts. I can’t wait till Barnaby puts up a fight so they can warp around at super speed chanting “Omoshiroi” at each other.

• If Jake is so strong, how did some lousy prison cell keep him locked away for so long? It could be something very much like Magneto, but at least X-Men bothered to explain how this was possible.

• That being said, I am disappointed that the anime didn’t even animate Rock Bison’s fight. C’mon guys, don’t pull a [C] on me. Certainly, having each and every single hero challenge Jake would pad the length of the show, but hey, we’re here for the fights, right?

I know this is supposed to look heroic and everything, but Barnaby’s neck is abnormally long here. Alpaca long.

• But Barnaby’s up next already? Are the girls gonna get a chance to shine or are we too afraid to have the villain beat up a female? Oh wait, Barnaby’s up next…

• Yeah, I get it — Tiger screwed up the initial mission and Jake got away. But let’s face it, it looked like Jake would have gotten away anyway. At first, I understood where Barnaby was coming from as he kept sniping away at Tiger. But the incessant nagging like a bitter spouse all episode long? Goddamn, stop being such a lil’ bitch, Barnaby.

• We see Tiger rushed to the hospital at the end of the episode, which is a little bizarre to me. When Sky High and Rock Bison lost like chumps, they were strung up like trophies, but Jake lets Tiger go to the hospital? Who called for the ambulance even? I’m amazed the paramedics could even get into the stadium to pick Tiger up. If they could do that, why hasn’t anyone bothered to take Sky High and Rock Bison down from their prison? Better yet, maybe Jake took Tiger to the hospital himself. In any case, what the hell, man? What kind of villain is that? Yes, I realize that Tiger got off a whole lot worse than his colleagues, but again, what kind of villain lets the hero live to fight another day?

• Naisu red boots, Barnaby. Sitting there in tight jeans, moping about your dead parents while crappy opera plays in the background. Very Carson Kressley.

Tiger & Bunny has such dramatic swings in animation quality all within a single episode.

• I bet Lunatic shows up to resolve this. I can’t imagine Barnaby emerging triumphant just yet and it seems like a good time for the anime to remind us that this dork still exists.

8 thoughts on “Tiger & Bunny Ep. 12: One by one


    >That being said, I am disappointed that the anime didn’t even animate Rock Bison’s fight. C’mon guys, don’t pull a [C] on me.

    From the way they timed it, it looked like it was meant to be a joke.

      1. Mira

        Hurhurhur the QUALITY ANIMATION of Tiger & Bunny never fails to entertain me. Kotetsu gets to go to the hospital because he’s in critical condition (read: near death) while Sky High and Rock Bison are chained up. Oh my god I didn’t realize this. But I guess it’s because Agnes is a horrible bitch who thinks that ‘intensifies’ the show. IDEK man, I’m beyond caring for the inconsistencies and the lack of logic here– T&B is too much of a fun watch for it to be, you know– logical.

          1. Mira

            Wow. Did I really come off that way? I need to reconsider my communication skills. Sigh. :(

            I personally think it’s fun making fun of things you like! I’m on the same boat as you are, it’s ridiculous Jake has to fight them one by one when a team effort would work much better and seriously, they only consider scrambling signals when it’s painfully obvious Harley Quinn is using some method of communication to transport orders to the mechas and teddy bears? Feels bad man.

            When I said T&B’s too much of a fun watch to be logical, I kind of meant that the writers at this point don’t give a fuck that Barnaby can pull papers from his *~secret pocket~* in episode 10. They’re having too much fun with it and overlooking common sense. BRB, hating on self now.

            1. E Minor Post author

              Shrug, don’t take me seriously. After running this blog for two years, I’m just naturally defensive. I’ll just make clear now that T&B is my favorite show this season after Ano Hana drove itself off a cliff.

              I’m sure the writers don’t care about the irrelevant details, but hey, I’m a nerd with an anime blog — it’s my job (and joy) to quibble over tiny things.

  2. bonehimer

    It doesn’t get any more shounen-esque than a tournament. Maybe they will condense an entire training arc with Lunatic and Barnaby into a montage, then everyone celebrates Jake’s defeat by eating large amounts of food.


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