07/01/11 Grab Bag

It’s the uncomfortable period between anime seasons. Spring series are starting to grow stale but the summer shows are still dots on the horizon. Everyone’s gearing up for some anime convention, I think, but I’m bored out of my mind in the Bay Area. In the meantime, here are some random nonsense undeserving of their own posts, but together, they form one mighty–

* * *

“I’ll suck your tits until you love me!”

Vampires are so in lately. I took a peek at Seikon no Qwaser and, amazingly, it has vampires too! The blood-sucking freaks in Qwaser can’t just sparkle. They have to drain their victims of blood through the breasts. No, really!

So y’know, one of the hero’s girl toys got her boobs sucked and she’s all evil and slutty as a result. She attacks the hero and is kicking his ass when Teresa shows up. This is the definitive moment of the episode so let’s go through it step by step.

1. At first, Teresa has Sasha in one arm while her other arm is holding onto what looks like a hanging lamp. She’s a strong lady. Check that — that is a strong hanging lamp.

Sasha is wasting no time — he’s already starting directly at her breasts. Dude knows what’s up.

2. Teresa lets go of the lamp and the two descend from the ceiling. She immediately rips her top off. She does this with her free hand.

Marvel at the details in their faces. I just can’t wait to see this on blu-ray.

3. As soon as her chest is bare, Teresa and Sasha immediately switch positions in mid-air.

He starts sucking away at her breasts even before they land. I love how his pupils dilate like he’s taking a shot of steroids. He’s juicin’ — juicin’ on breast milk.

4. As soon as he’s done drinking her breast milk, Teresa immediately puts her top back on.

5. Milk, however, does a body good and the rejuvenated Sasha has no problems ripping Mafuya’s top off.

Let’s say hypothetically that the woman you love just so happens to be under someone else’s mind control. What are you gonna do? Duh, suck her breasts until she loves you again.

And while he’s doing this, Sasha stares intently and I mean intently at Mafuya. Nothing says love like that. And you know what the best thing is? The whole Sasha sucks Teresa’s breasts as he falls from the ceiling is just like the very first episode of the first season! The difference is that they were floating up back then.

See how the show’s structure is symmetrical… as if it’s rhyming? That’s like… poetry, man.

* * *

“Obvious troll is obvious. You guys are cunts.”

When there are four or more groups subbing the same damn anime, it still makes people really mad when one of the fansubbing groups decides to screw around with “trollsubs.” And people think I’m angry — groups are fansubbing for free; fans of Hidan no Aria need only wait a few more hours to a day for other groups to release their translations, but nooo~ I need to watch my twintails tsunderekko and I wanna watch her now!

* * *

“[Fractale’s] artist, Mutsumi Akazaki, had written on her blog earlier that week that she found the work “uninteresting” and added that she wanted to work on a manga that she enjoyed.” (source)

Man, even the artist knows Fractale stinks.

* * *

“France’s Japan Expo Award Winners Announced” (source)

“Best Group/Artist: Aural Vampire”

This is embarrassing to watch and listen to.

* * *

“You dont want another Trinity Soul I assume.”

No, no I don’t. But as much as I enjoyed Persona 4, why would I want to give up the best thing it had going for it, i.e. interactivity? It’s just a generic anime story without the whole video game aspect. Also, the English dub of the game was better.

* * *

I can “watch” an entire SKET Dance episode and when it ends, I’ll have no clue what the episode was about whatsoever. It’s perfect anime background noise; the show just fades into generic nothingness. It’s really quite amazing. Give it a shot. Well, I lied — I do remember one thing: the annoying ass “I love you” at the end of the OP.

* * *

I’m too lazy to do a full-fledged summer preview post. Scanning the list, the only show that jumps out at me is Usagi Drop.

A caveat, of course: I haven’t been impressed with Production I.G.’s recent offerings. On the other hand, there have been similar premises before — Aishiteruze Baby, for example. It might be interesting to watch how different stories tackle similar issues. Plus, I don’t read manga so I’ll be going into Usagi Drop blind.

Blood-C looks appealing in that it isn’t girls with multi-colored hair in seifukus staring bug-eyed at me, but again, Production I.G. I only watched a few episodes of the first season of Natsume Yuujin-Chou and I vaguely recall an asshole cat. Regardless, I’m not sure I’d be interesting in jumping straight to a third season. No.6 is about a dude who has been elite since he was two? Killer toddlers in diapers? Nyanpire? You gotta be shitting me. Speaking of vampires, I count at least four shows involving them. A NEET detective sounds interesting but Kami-sama no Memo-chou probably pander to the lowest common denominator. Everything else looks lame, especially the umpteenth “fun-loving schoolgirls” series.

2 thoughts on “07/01/11 Grab Bag

  1. Botch

    Even Mawaru Penguindrum looks lame?

    I can’t help but laugh at the Fractale artist and give her an imaginary high-five.

    1. E Minor Post author

      The synopsis on the anime chart doesn’t really tell me one way or another if Mawaru Penguindrum is gonna be any good.


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