Steins;Gate Ep. 16: Thoughts & Impressions

Nothing overarching this time. I’m just gonna dive straight into the events of the episode.

• Didn’t it seem obvious that Daru would be Suzuha’s father as soon as he started cracking perverted jokes about her?

Sure, Daru jokes with all of the female characters, but the recent focus on Suzuha was simply too obvious in a “Wouldn’t it be absolutely delicious if our rotund friend happened to be Suzuha’s father?” At least Suzuha didn’t turn out to be her own mother. That would have made no sense, but I know some of you entertained the thought.

• Still, didn’t it seem as though everyone accepted Mayuri’s theory a little too easily? It wasn’t as if she had ironclad proof; the naming convention on the time machine, for instance, could have been a mere coincidence.

I’m not saying that Mayuri’s wrong or that Daru isn’t Suzuha’s father, but wouldn’t someone in Suzuha’s shoes be extra cautious of jumping to conclusions? “I’ve been looking for my dad all this time, but I guess it’s you! *hug* Okay, gotta go!” Yeah, that was a little too convenient.

• Daru was unable to fix his daughter’s time machine after all, but Okabe deserved the brunt of the blame. After all, he was the one who prevented Suzuha from leaving in the first place, allowing a storm to damage her time machine.

Okabe quickly realized, however, that he could simply undo the D-mail that had prevented Suzuha’s original departure. He did just that and — well, what do you know — the divergence meter changed. Does that mean Mayuri will survive? This seems rather unlikely as the meter didn’t go above one, but I guess we’ll find out next week.

• So assuming that Mayuri won’t survive in the following episode, Okabe will probably have to undo all of the D-mails. I specifically recall the exact moment back in the tenth episode when Okabe decided to prevent Suzuha from leaving. Okabe was hesitant at first; he wasn’t sure if he should tamper with the past anymore than he already had. He then reassured himself: “I am the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyouma! What do I have to fear?”

This seems to be the crux of Okabe’s problem: he’s simply too confident within his own abilities. He thought he could save Mayuri alone, but he quickly learned that he couldn’t. Okabe, then, does have plenty to fear; simply being the self-proclaimed mad scientist isn’t enough to effect change.

• When people discuss this anime, they like to toss around the concept of fatalism, and I can’t say I haven’t been guilty of doing this either, but after thinking it over, fatalism in Steins;Gate makes no sense. A time-traveling story with fate is ultimately self-defeating. What, then, explains Okabe’s inability to save Mayuri? Ah, we might’ve ruled out fate, but we haven’t ruled out fait accompli. Mayuri’s death is simply fait accompli due to some event or some series of events.

Since the divergence meter went up when Okabe reversed his latest D-mail, we may as well hypothesize that the series of D-mails sent out by the lab members are the true cause behind Mayuri’s death. Essentially, Okabe will have to close Pandora’s box. But how?

• By extension, SERN taking over the world must be fait accompli as well. Well, gosh, seems like the characters aren’t screwed after all.

8 thoughts on “Steins;Gate Ep. 16: Thoughts & Impressions

  1. Anchen

    Just to add, I believe in the game Mayuri actually had more evidence, explaining the “Titor” name, based on Daru’s real name, mentioning the meeting they both went to, etc. She’s actually quite observant.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Well, I haven’t played the game and I don’t think I ever will. Judging just from the anime alone, the whole thing felt like an afterthought.

      1. Anchen

        Yeah, that’s I wanted to let you know that it was more fleshed out in the game. I guess just for time and such they reduced it in the anime to the basic point. They’ve done an overall very good job though.

  2. inushinde

    I was kind of hoping for a paradox like in Futurama, but I guess I can’t have everything that I want. And I think you’re right, that the barrage of D-Mails led to several possible causes of Mayuri’s death, not just through SERN acting like dicks.

      1. inushinde

        Okay, that’s fair enough. As long as it keeps Feyris away, I don’t entirely mind Mayuri’s continued demise being orchestrated by a convoluted series of events as easy (but possible) to untangle as Christmas lights.


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