Sacred Seven Ep. 6: Why?

After two weeks of nothing happening, “Sacred Seven” gets right back into the thick of things: a no-stakes duel between two ugly combatants. The question we should be asking, however, is “Why?” That’s right — just ‘why.’ Why does anything ever happen in this anime?

Why are these guys fighting? What are they fighting for? You can’t just have action for the sake of action. Even sporting events have drama and storylines to give context to what we are watching. What are the character motivations at work here? Kenmi’s testing out his suit and… I’m not even sure who the other guy is. Number Zero? Is that a new character or is it just a codename for Knight Kijima?

“Why” plagues this entire episode and it’s really quite sad. I’ve complained recently that the last two episodes were lame and filler-ish, so when the plot finally picks up, it’s practically nonsensical. Maybe the filler episodes were a good thing after all; maybe filler is all this anime can do properly. After Knight Kijima kidnaps Ruri from right under Kagami’s nose, what does Kagami do next? He stops to tell Tandouji that Ruri’s missing. So when Tandouji naturally offers to help (what friend wouldn’t?), Kagami turns him down:

“Stay out. If this is a Darkstone incident, you could cause more harm than good.”

What the hell, man? Why did you even bother to tell the poor guy that Ruri’s missing then?

I love how Ruri’s hair is still immaculate.

So Knight Kijima kidnaps Ruri because he needs to make a serum from her body, blood or something. Why Ruri and not just some random person? Who knows. She’s special somehow, I guess. Of course, the anime hasn’t given us any indication whatsoever that Ruri’s special, but she just is. So after he kidnaps her, Knight Kijima disappears from the episode for a while.

Using only the best Japanese super glue.

In the meantime, Tandouji is busy repairing that talking rock head. You’d think Kagami would’ve done this himself so he could ask the rock head what had happened back in the limo, but nah — leave it to Tandouji. He finishes this task just in time for the rock head to exclaim, “What I sensed back there…. Aw hell, I can sense it now!” Out of nowhere, Knight Kijima attacks.

Actually, why is he even attacking? He’s got Ruri so why is he even out and about? Arakune also suddenly appears and intercepts Kijima, which then causes Kijima to yell, “Stay out of my way!” Stay out of your way of what? Nobody has any goddamn clue what you’re doing. No one has any goddamn clue what any of these characters are doing.

Haven’t we done this song and dance already?
Remember how episode three ended? Kijima attacked a base of some sort, Arakune suited up and sparred with him a bit and then he ran away.

So what should happen this week? They spar again — this time, in a forest — and then Kijima runs away again. Uh, okay? Thanks for this?

Wasted time
Don’t be fooled — the plot started moving again, but it only moved an inch. Hell, all it probably did was fall forward. We learn this week that Doctor Kenmi used to experiment on Kijima, but this is something we could have surmised from the third episode.

Most of the episode is wasted on Ruri’s failed attempt to eat bento lunches with Arma so she mopes about it in the Rock Club. Considering how this episode is full of events happening for no rhyme or reason, maybe the writers are focusing on the wrong parts of the anime. Oh, but we have to have a bento lunch ’cause everyone’s watching this anime for the puppy love between Ruri and Arma~!

Polishing rocks
Strangely, the only thing that makes any sense in this crazy world is Wakana’s nutty obsession with rocks. Her character motivation might be simple — she likes rocks and she likes them a lot — but at least she actually has one. Wakana loves rocks so much, she formed the Rock Club.

She’ll even haul giant stones into a clubroom just to polish them on her free time. In a topsy-turvy world, Wakana is a rock (ho ho ho) you can depend on. She’s like the Hank Hill of anime; she sells rocks and rock accessories, I’ll tell you what.

9 thoughts on “Sacred Seven Ep. 6: Why?

  1. Richfeet

    I think Sacred Seven is trying to be Kamen Rider, with the over the top fight scenes and convoluted backstory.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Actually, it’s pretty much the opposite of everything you said: the fight scenes are perfunctory and the backstory is nonexistent at best.

  2. A guy from /m/

    I dropped this show a few episodes ago and it looks like I missed nothing. I still don’t know what the writers and the rest of the production staff were thinking when they made this. It’s just so extremely generic and context-less.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Judging by the comments you usually leave on the site, are there any currently airing anime that you haven’t dropped? ;v

      I still don’t know what the writers and the rest of the production staff were thinking when they made this

      They’re probably thinking “Tiger & Bunny.”

  3. A guy from /m/

    I plain to watch Bunny Drop when it’s finished, just because of the dreaded ending in the manga. Likewise, with No.6, but that has more to do with the fact I like to marathon the stuff that actually looks promising.

  4. Anonymous

    Ruri is special because she has the power to transform Darkstone into Lightstone. Knight saw how she transformed Alma (whose condition he recognized to be similar to his) back in ep 3, that’s when he decided to kidnap Ruri to do some research on her.

  5. Domino5

    Well it’s true it’s quite slow… I mean having stupid episodes can be good (happyness exist only because unhappy thing exist, isn’ it?, but the purpose of those non interesthing episode is getting at its end. We are full of starters and we need to get at the main dish! They need to give something because it we’ll be a waste. The art is nice, the characters are not that bad except Arma who pass from the cool guy as some randome side character personnality… I want the see him just a bit tormented, hell! I mean is trauma isn’t supposed to get away lie that!
    I may be wrong but this is how I see things…

    1. E Minor Post author

      happyness exist only because unhappy thing exist, isn’ it

      So… good anime has to be bad before it’s good?


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