Blood-C Ep. 8: I’ll protect everyone!

Except these five:

But I swear — I totally will not let anyone else die!

At this point, are there any words left to describe this show? Every single thing comes off as one giant joke. Take Mr. Sexy Hunk Tokizane. He’s all “I saw the blood so I thought you might be badly hurt.” So he takes her to a nearby creek to wash some of the blood off. Uh, is everyone oblivious in this anime?

Does Saya not look like she needs to go to the hospital? At the very least, you would want to disinfect her wounds! But the anime hand waves it off. Apparently, Saya heals very quickly, because by the time we get to the gratuitous bathing scene, Saya’s back has completely healed. Well, that was pointless.

Just a few crumbs
So what about the rest of the episode? Is it pointless too? Eh, we got one tiny morsel of plot. Saya and Mr. Disembodied Voice seemed to have entered some sort of silly bet or competition in the past and this might explain why she can’t remember a thing about her past self.

It has also made her a clueless child who can’t seem to take any hints from her father, Tokizane or the Elder Bairns. She’s such a child that she doesn’t even care if a sentient dog sees her naked. Of course, that makes the T&A portion of the anime rather disturbing. Here we are, sexualizing someone too immature to even realize she’s being sexualized.

It’s just no fun
The creepy cafe owner has a conversation with Saya’s dad that might be full of clues and double meanings. After all, Saya always stops by his place every morning to eat. Hell, he doesn’t even seem to have any other customer but Saya. It’s very possible that he might be lacing her food with something heinous. But y’know, we could sit here and plot speculate all day, but it just isn’t fun with a show like Blood-C.

Other anime bombard you with outrageous developments one after another. It becomes a fun game to imagine what might happen next or pore over every little scene for subtext. Blood-C‘s glacial approach to plot development sucks any possible fun out of this game, however. You could guess all sorts of crazy explanations for the anime — like why the Elder Bairns have begun to appear during the day as opposed to the night — but you wouldn’t find out whether you’re right or wrong for weeks.

That stupid dog
Another week goes by and I’m still not keen on the revelation that the dog is some dude from the xxxHolic universe. He obviously knows a lot about Saya’s past, but why? Why does some inter-dimensional traveler know so much about one girl in one particular universe? You’d think someone like Watanuki would have infinite possibilities to explore. As such, he wouldn’t waste his time with someone like Saya. This is why the whole CLAMP crossover thing feels so awkward. There’s never anything to explain the necessity of the crossover. We’ll just stick so-and-so from this story into that story and voila!

Everything else
• How convenient is it that on the day an Elder Bairn attacks the school, Tokizane decided not to attend class?

• CLAMP’s elongated body proportions hadn’t bothered me much since the first episode, but people looked especially odd again this week for whatever reason:

Who doesn’t like giant torsos with tiny, midget heads on top!

• There are some nice minor details that help to add emotion to the anime. For example, one of the poor victims had tears streaming down her face just before the Elder Bairn ate her. This adds just a tiny bit more impact to some extra’s random death. These moments are few and far between, however, and certainly not enough to save the anime from being the utter bore that it normally is.

• I don’t know what else to write, so have a Saya cosplay pic:

11 thoughts on “Blood-C Ep. 8: I’ll protect everyone!

  1. sadalmelek

    “It has also made her a clueless child who can’t seem to take any hints from her father, Tokizane or the Elder Bairns. She’s such a child that she doesn’t even care if a sentient dog sees her naked. Of course, that makes the T&A portion of the anime rather disturbing. Here we are, sexualizing someone too immature to even realize she’s being sexualized.”

    Someone made an excellent observation about why Saya is such an airhead on another anime blog:

    “Her emotions are…incomplete, to say the least from my understanding. That’s why she said her father finds that she lacks “common sense”. Not as an insult, but that might have been an accurate to put it. She can taste things, find them sweet or particularly tasty, indulge herself with various pleasures and other positive emotions, like the wanting to pet cute things or to please her father.

    What she lacks are the negatives; sadness, fear, remorse, contempt, possibly even pain. That’s why she would always say “If you get hungry, you’ll get sad.” She has heard of such human emotions as sadness, as possibly something unpleasent or discomforting, though her not having them makes her look for other means to associate herself with them. And the discomfort of hunger is what she believe to be the acclaimed human “sadness” she was told of.

    That’s also why she is so air-headed about her reverse harem, and potential love interests. Love is a bit more complex of an emotion, that’s not completely something positive. Her only having positive makes her inhumanly pragmatic.”

    1. E Minor Post author

      I wouldn’t say she’s inhuman. I don’t think I necessarily agree with that blogger on Saya’s lack of negatives. I think Saya being childlike is more apt. A child doesn’t understand remorse, contempt, etc. They might come close to harboring those emotional states, however, and I think Saya is one giant child. A child is far from inhuman, though.

    2. LordVernon

      Well….this is embarassing, a comment I left on Psgels blog was quoted. Amazing. I was sort of just going with whatever was coming to mind at the time, particular addressing some of the immediate comments on how Saya didn’t even flinch at the baker getting ripped to shreds before her. Thanks for taking a note.

      I do agree with the childlike suggestion here, that does seem to fit the bill better than what I was trying to go for. Not much to add here, I’m definitely enjoying the blog here.

      1. SailorSonic

        I wouldn’t exactly call the scene where she was bathing Tits & Ass. Just because she naked doesn’t mean it was fanservice. That’s like saying the bathing scenes in Lucky Star were fanservice. (I’m 99% sure they weren’t supposed to be.)

        And yeah Saya does act a LOT like a little girl. Her emotions aren’t complex at all. She’s either happy or ready for combat. Nothing else.

        Also, that chick cosplaying Saya is really hot.

      2. E Minor Post author

        Ah, it was your comment? Hm, I did think something along the lines of “Psgels doesn’t write like that,” but ah well.


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