Sacred Seven Ep. 11: Action for the sake of action

I’m going to see this terrible show to the end even if kills me. Actually, this episode is somewhat entertaining. Any semblance of logic has gone out the window and the anime is throwing the entire kitchen sink at the audience. Whatever sticks, right?

I, uh, don’t actually know how to write this week’s episode up. It has no themes, subtext, or social commentary whatsoever. The entire anime is just one silly action sequence after the next. First, we’ve got Kagami fighting tomato juice girl. It’s like a battle to see which side character gets to be more under-developed.

I mean, why is tomato juice girl even in the anime? Alongside these two, we’ve got katana-toting maids. In fact, the maids even appear to be impervious to bullets:

I’m sure the Aiba Foundation has a great medical plan, but invincibility to bullets is one helluva perk.

Meanwhile, two nobodies are trying to bring the maniac Zero back from the brink of madness. These guys’ story is the epitome of rushed.

We see Zero’s backstory just before Fei saves his soul. And when this finally does happen, Zero goes and dies in the very next scene. No prolonged reunion or anything. Well, that was… uh, useful.

Finally, we come to Ruri and she just happens to be in the midst of a sacrificial ceremony. Why a sudden reference to the Aztecs? Because it’d be cool, that’s why. Kenmi’s going to literally carve Ruri’s poor heart out because it’ll turn him into a god.

So of course, Ruri does the next best thing: she turns rock hard. With his plans foiled, you’d think Kenmi would rage like any a typical villain, but nah. He ups and takes Zero’s heart instead. Why didn’t he do this to begin with? Shrug. In any case, Kenmi morphs into the dumbest looking villain I have seen in a long time. Whoever designed this anime is obsessed with horns. In fact, I bet horns are how you measure the fighters’ power levels. Horns protruding from one’s head? Weak. Horns protruding from one’s chest? God-like.

By the way, did you ever notice how the animators are equally obsessed with the color purple?

Even the damn computer monitors are in purple.

Naturally, Alma goes to save Ruri like the boy hero that he is. But how? Is he going to use his manly tears to shed Ruri of her crystal prison? Nah, Alma will just use the power of his mom’s love. Wait, what? In the middle of the action, Alma magically stumbles upon his mother’s keepsake.

The best part? Alma had to be knocked through a wall to find it. If he had been running just any faster or slower, he would have never found his mother’s keepsake. And without the keepsake, Alma would have never saved Ruri. This is satisfying storytelling, I’ll tell you what.

It’s a small world after all
Kenmi turned Fei’s brother into a monster who was then used to kill Ruri and Kagami’s parents. Kenmi also stole Alma’s pendant, causing our innocent boy hero to turn all angsty. No, wait, it doesn’t end there. Where did Alma’s mother’s keepsake come from? It turns out Alma’s mother once met with Ruri’s mother to procure said pendant for Alma’s sake. It was also on this same day that Alma saved loli Ruri’s life! Christ, who wrote this crap? In fact, all of the random Darkstones we’ve been seeing? Most of them have been sent by Kenmi to get Alma to snap. If you thought Tiger & Bunny was full of convenient coincidences, Sacred Seven is unabashedly proud of how its entire story fits together like clockwork… cheap, fanfiction-y clockwork.

9 thoughts on “Sacred Seven Ep. 11: Action for the sake of action

  1. Richfeet

    They like purple because it shows the important parts of their story. For example, when they made Code Geass a lot of important things were purple I.e Lelouch’s alter ego outfit, Lelouch’s eyes, Lelouch’s geass eye, stuff like that.

  2. Meh

    Your more serious analyses are nice and all (even if you like to over analyse, like you’ve said yourself), but nothing is more amusing than seeing someone pick apart some terrible train wreck.

    Also, that image with the maids pretty much symbolizes everything that’s plaguing anime today. And somewhere, someone actually thinks this is really cool. Actually, a whole bunch of people think it’s really cool and not stupid in any way. There’s a difference between “everything doesn’t have to be serious” and something as tacky and outright stupid as, well, exactly everything in the maid screencap.

    So yeah, I pretty much just wanted to say keep it up and don’t you dare shut the blog down or I’ll think mean words at you. Please.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Actually, a whole bunch of people think it’s really cool and not stupid in any way

      To me, the maid screenshot is probably the least offensive thing about this episode. I didn’t mind it too much. It’s silly but whatever. The bigger offense is just how tacky the story came together. Everything’s connected! Such amateurish screenwriting.

      don’t you dare shut the blog down

      I’d need a pretty good job. Do you have a good job to offer?

  3. A Day Without Me

    The utter unraveling of the story as you describe it suddenly makes me want to watch this crap. There is nothing quite so thrilling as a train wreck.

    1. E Minor Post author

      There are some amusingly bad episodes in there, like the cheesy romantic trip to some island, but for the most part, I don’t think the series is just train wrecky enough.

  4. Blackholeheart

    The show’s writing doesn’t even rise to the level of bad fanfic, what it most reminds me of is playing make-believe with a hyperactive child. I can imagine story production meetings were protracted bouts of breathless “And then! And then! And then!” Oddly I find the whole disaster charming still though.


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