Sacred Seven Finale: Oh my…

With Kenmi triforcing all over the place, how is this not the must-watch finale of all time? This won’t be a long post ’cause words simply cannot do this episode any justice. The ending’s brilliance must be experienced in all of its transcendent entirety. All I can do is hopefully convince you readers to watch the episode for yourself. Don’t know anything about Sacred Seven? It’s okay!

Poor Fei is getting one helluva whiplash.

What other anime features an androgynous shota raging out and turning into an evil frog?

Where else can you find the hero turn Mt. Fuji into a giant nipple you can see from outer space?

And what should happen when evil frogs fail? They turn into the Luxor Hotel and Casino:

But if you’re afraid that the ending will be a downer, fear not. Alma will save the day; he always saves the day.

“I’ve done my job! Time to return to my asshole kingdom in the ground!”

At the center of this very episode is a raging debate about gender identity. Who is Fei? Is he a boy or a girl? This postmodern existential struggle plays out on a grand stage before the very audience. Only [gg]’s brilliant subs can capture the perplexing ambiguity that is all too present in the Japanese script, powerfully acted out by the greatest seiyuus known to man. In any case, should we be surprised to see Fei’s conflict externalize as the great frog prince, an animal caught perilously between the fish world and the lizard world? “Who am I!” Fei bellows… but he/she is only greeted by the suffocating nothingness in the void located within in his heart.

It is only natural, then, for deep purple and pink hues to dominate the finale’s color scheme. Conflicting notions of regality, class, and psychosexual tension play out in an anime littered with shiny, pink horns and underdeveloped female bodies. “Our bodies are our battlegrounds,” Sacred Seven confidently asserts,” and if we resist the call to arms, our hearts will turn to rock.” I applaud Sunrise’s daring vision, especially after I had previously assumed they could have nothing left to give after the psychological drama that was Tiger & Bunny.

P.S. Kenmi’s gravestone is a pair of dumbbells.

P.P.S. Ruri’s sister is even smaller and loli-er than her. It’s like I’ve died and gone to Fractale*.

*Before anyone chimes in with “Well, she was stuck in a crystal blah blah blah…,” I already know this, Mr. Genius Sir.

4 thoughts on “Sacred Seven Finale: Oh my…

  1. Deltablues

    I’m disappointed how the ‘transform version’ looks since its like one of the major eye-catching point. Yet I thought fei looked like half frog/bear and alma like the red megaman while knight was like the same but white version and just half of his mask. What were they THINKING? and kenmi just looked ugly as fuck cyborg demon…
    P.S Keep up the good work.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Best ending ever. Better than T&B, Ano Hana, Steins;Gate and [C] combined! The love, the hatred — all sorts of conflicting feelings — played out in such a spectacular manner! In fact, knowing that I’ll never watch another finale episode like Sacred Seven has… left me in despair!


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